Mitchell Rock, Vice President

UFPT 42,605 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Mitchell Rock is at least $1,420,450.70. Mitchell Rock owns over 42,605 units of UFP Technologies, Inc. stock worth over $1,420,450.70.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
19th February 2019UFPT - UFP Technologies, Inc.3,793Grant/award etc.43,813$0.00
19th February 2019UFPT - UFP Technologies, Inc.2,032Grant/award etc.40,020$0.00
1st March 2019UFPT - UFP Technologies, Inc.1,208Payment by withholding42,605$33.34$40,274.72$1,420,450.70
8th March 2019UFPT - UFP Technologies, Inc.17,099Open or private sale25,506$32.94$563,241.06$840,167.64
18th February 2020UFPT - UFP Technologies, Inc.3,445Grant/award etc.28,951$0.00
24th February 2020UFPT - UFP Technologies, Inc.2,761Grant/award etc.31,712$0.00
2nd March 2020UFPT - UFP Technologies, Inc.1,395Payment by withholding30,317$49.99$69,736.05$1,515,546.83
21st August 2020UFPT - UFP Technologies, Inc.8,808Open or private sale20,301$42.66$375,749.28$866,040.66
20th August 2020UFPT - UFP Technologies, Inc.1,208Open or private sale29,109$43.02$51,968.16$1,252,269.18