Daniel J Levin

BOX 258,600 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Daniel J Levin is at least $4,887,540.00. Daniel J Levin owns over 258,600 units of Box, Inc. stock worth over $4,887,540.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
7th January 2019BOX - Box, Inc.30,000Open or private sale258,600$18.90$567,000.00$4,887,540.00
15th January 2019BOX - Box, Inc.30,000Open or private sale228,600$19.08$572,400.00$4,361,688.00
5th February 2019BOX - Box, Inc.40,000Open or private sale188,600$22.63$905,200.00$4,268,018.00
1st March 2019BOX - Box, Inc.700Open or private sale158,600$20.62$14,434.00$3,270,332.00
1st March 2019BOX - Box, Inc.29,300Open or private sale159,300$19.86$581,898.00$3,163,698.00
15th March 2019BOX - Box, Inc.30,000Open or private sale128,600$19.77$593,100.00$2,542,422.00
19th June 2019BOX - Box, Inc.5,316Grant/award etc.11,106$0.00
3rd June 2020BOX - Box, Inc.23,185Open or private sale128,600$19.85$460,222.25$2,552,710.00
3rd June 2020BOX - Box, Inc.23,185Exercise of derivative151,785$0.00
2nd June 2020BOX - Box, Inc.151,945Open or private sale128,600$19.83$3,013,069.35$2,550,138.00
2nd June 2020BOX - Box, Inc.151,945Exercise of derivative280,545$0.00
22nd June 2020BOX - Box, Inc.55,142Open or private sale128,600$20.98$1,156,879.16$2,698,028.00
22nd June 2020BOX - Box, Inc.55,142Exercise of derivative183,742$0.00
22nd June 2020BOX - Box, Inc.10,770Open or private sale128,600$19.84$213,676.80$2,551,424.00
22nd June 2020BOX - Box, Inc.10,770Exercise of derivative139,370$0.00
19th June 2020BOX - Box, Inc.14,100Open or private sale128,600$19.80$279,180.00$2,546,280.00
19th June 2020BOX - Box, Inc.14,100Exercise of derivative142,700$0.00
15th July 2020BOX - Box, Inc.10,060Grant/award etc.21,166$0.00
28th August 2020BOX - Box, Inc.100,000Open or private sale128,600$20.23$2,023,000.00$2,601,578.00
28th August 2020BOX - Box, Inc.100,000Exercise of derivative228,600$0.00