Rick M Mcconnell, President and GM Web Division

AKAM 26,533 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Rick M Mcconnell is at least $1,880,659.04. Rick M Mcconnell owns over 26,533 units of Akamai Technologies, Inc. stock worth over $1,880,659.04.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
11th February 2019AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.4,299Exercise of derivative33,132$0.00
9th February 2019AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.4,564Exercise of derivative28,833$0.00
8th February 2019AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.4,262Grant/award etc.24,269$0.00
21st February 2019AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.16,147Exercise of derivative49,279$0.00
7th March 2019AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.22,775Open or private sale26,533$70.88$1,614,292.00$1,880,659.04
12th March 2019AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.2,264Open or private sale24,269$72.00$163,008.00$1,747,368.00
5th April 2019AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.1,500Open or private sale22,769$74.00$111,000.00$1,684,906.00
12th April 2019AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.1,376Open or private sale21,393$76.00$104,576.00$1,625,868.00
24th April 2019AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.1,362Open or private sale20,031$78.00$106,236.00$1,562,418.00
9th February 2020AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.4,260Exercise of derivative29,671$0.00
8th February 2020AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.5,404Exercise of derivative25,411$0.00
1st March 2020AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.3,409Exercise of derivative31,777$0.00
3rd March 2020AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.15,581Exercise of derivative49,867$0.00
3rd March 2020AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.2,509Exercise of derivative34,286$0.00
15th May 2020AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.5,000Open or private sale33,747$98.00$490,000.00$3,307,206.00
14th May 2020AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.11,120Open or private sale38,747$96.00$1,067,520.00$3,719,712.00
20th May 2020AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.5,000Open or private sale28,747$100.00$500,000.00$2,874,700.00
26th May 2020AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.5,331Open or private sale23,416$102.00$543,762.00$2,388,432.00
24th August 2020AKAM - Akamai Technologies, Inc.3,409Open or private sale20,007$112.50$383,512.50$2,250,787.50