Barbara Rentler, Chief Executive Officer

ROST 420,679 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Barbara Rentler is at least $38,349,097.64. Barbara Rentler owns over 420,679 units of Ross Stores, Inc. stock worth over $38,349,097.64.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
12th March 2019ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.35,275Payment by withholding420,679$91.16$3,215,669.00$38,349,097.64
13th March 2019ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.33,080Grant/award etc.453,759$0.00
15th March 2019ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.12,366Payment by withholding518,848$89.90$1,111,703.40$46,644,435.20
15th March 2019ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.77,455Grant/award etc.531,214$0.00
1st April 2019ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.40,430Payment by withholding478,492$94.26$3,810,931.80$45,102,655.92
13th June 2019ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.35,430Open or private sale438,492$99.12$3,511,821.60$43,463,327.04
12th June 2019ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.4,570Open or private sale473,922$99.50$454,715.00$47,155,239.00
14th June 2019ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.10,000Open or private sale428,492$100.51$1,005,100.00$43,067,730.92
5th September 2019ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.25,000Open or private sale403,558$107.06$2,676,520.00$43,205,242.33
30th September 2019ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.25,000Open or private sale378,621$110.01$2,750,362.50$41,653,800.00
11th March 2020ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.32,468Grant/award etc.411,146$0.00
13th March 2020ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.58,215Payment by withholding352,931$92.83$5,404,098.45$32,762,584.73
24th August 2020ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.9,710Payment by withholding403,989$89.31$867,200.10$36,080,257.59
24th August 2020ROST - Ross Stores, Inc.60,676Grant/award etc.413,699$0.00