Mark Stephen Berg

PXD 58,246 shares
PUMP 12,274 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Mark Stephen Berg is at least $7,735,508.06. Mark Stephen Berg owns over 58,246 units of Pioneer Natural Resources Co. stock worth over $7,660,513.92.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
31st December 2018HPR - HighPoint Resources Corp.6,526Grant/award etc.46,235$0.00
31st December 2018PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources Co.9,266Grant/award etc.60,801$0.00
2nd January 2019PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources Co.2,555Payment by withholding58,246$131.52$336,033.60$7,660,513.92
15th February 2019PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources Co.3,321Payment by withholding54,925$143.08$475,168.68$7,858,669.00
21st February 2019PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources Co.7,674Grant/award etc.62,599$0.00
31st March 2019HPR - HighPoint Resources Corp.7,352Grant/award etc.53,587$0.00
1st June 2019HPR - HighPoint Resources Corp.66,844Grant/award etc.120,431$0.00
30th June 2019HPR - HighPoint Resources Corp.8,928Grant/award etc.129,359$0.00
2nd December 2019PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources Co.526Payment by withholding62,073$127.84$67,243.84$7,935,412.32
4th December 2019PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources Co.2,000Open or private sale60,073$129.60$259,194.00$7,785,280.58
18th December 2019PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources Co.3,000Open or private sale57,073$145.88$437,628.00$8,325,580.95
31st December 2019PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources Co.5,597Grant/award etc.62,670$0.00
2nd January 2020PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources Co.1,408Payment by withholding61,262$151.37$213,128.96$9,273,228.94
27th February 2020PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources Co.1,829Payment by withholding59,433$125.49$229,521.21$7,458,247.17
4th March 2020PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources Co.5,732Grant/award etc.65,165$0.00
1st June 2020HPR - HighPoint Resources Corp.88,652Grant/award etc.218,011$0.00
4th June 2020HPR - HighPoint Resources Corp.79,423Sale back to the issuer138,588$0.00
8th June 2020PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources Co.1,200Open or private sale61,465$116.64$139,970.52$7,169,406.68
5th June 2020PXD - Pioneer Natural Resources Co.2,500Open or private sale62,665$109.67$274,175.00$6,872,470.55
24th August 2020PUMP - ProPetro Holding Corp.12,274Open or private purchase12,274$6.11$74,994.14$74,994.14