Thomas E Skains

NFG 7,247 shares
DUK 1,781.539 shares
BBT 26,468.299 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Thomas E Skains is at least $1,962,392.96. Thomas E Skains owns over 7,247 units of National Fuel Gas Co. stock worth over $366,408.32.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd January 2019NFG - National Fuel Gas Co.866Grant/award etc.7,247$50.56$43,784.96$366,408.32
26th February 2019BBT - BB&T Corp.2,457Grant/award etc.26,468.299$0.00
1st April 2019NFG - National Fuel Gas Co.719Grant/award etc.7,966$60.87$43,761.94$484,850.59
2nd May 2019DUK - Duke Energy Corp.1,781.539Grant/award etc.1,781.539$89.81$160,000.02$160,000.02
15th May 2019DUK - Duke Energy Corp.1,781.539Bona fide gift22,203.557$0.00
15th May 2019DUK - Duke Energy Corp.1,781.539Bona fide gift0$0.00
1st July 2019NFG - National Fuel Gas Co.827Grant/award etc.8,793$52.93$43,768.98$465,369.52
1st October 2019NFG - National Fuel Gas Co.948Grant/award etc.9,741$46.17$43,769.16$449,741.97
21st November 2019BBT - BB&T Corp.4,285Open or private sale26,468.299$54.25$232,474.11$1,435,984.63
21st November 2019BBT - BB&T Corp.4,285Exercise of derivative30,753.299$27.75$118,908.75$853,404.05
2nd January 2020NFG - National Fuel Gas Co.958Grant/award etc.10,699$45.69$43,771.02$488,837.31
25th February 2020BBT - BB&T Corp.2,923Grant/award etc.29,391.299$0.00
1st April 2020NFG - National Fuel Gas Co.1,212Grant/award etc.11,911$36.11$43,759.26$430,046.65
7th May 2020DUK - Duke Energy Corp.1,992.28Grant/award etc.1,992.28$80.31$160,000.01$160,000.01
1st July 2020NFG - National Fuel Gas Co.1,062Grant/award etc.12,973$41.23$43,786.26$534,876.79
28th August 2020BBT - BB&T Corp.3,221Open or private sale29,391.299$39.51$127,261.71$1,161,250.22
28th August 2020BBT - BB&T Corp.3,221Exercise of derivative32,612.299$27.73$89,318.33$904,339.05