Giovanni Barbarossa, Chief Strategy Officer

IIVI 60,096 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Giovanni Barbarossa is at least $2,299,272.96. Giovanni Barbarossa owns over 60,096 units of II-VI, Inc. stock worth over $2,299,272.96.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
18th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.968Payment by withholding60,096$38.26$37,035.68$2,299,272.96
20th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.16,879Payment by withholding73,961$39.24$662,331.96$2,902,229.64
20th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.30,744Grant/award etc.90,840$0.00
28th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.1,175Payment by withholding83,619$36.28$42,629.00$3,033,697.32
28th August 2019IIVI - II-VI, Inc.10,833Grant/award etc.84,794$0.00
18th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.8,704Payment by withholding90,515$46.21$402,211.84$4,182,698.15
18th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.15,600Grant/award etc.99,219$0.00
28th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.2,966Payment by withholding110,175$42.28$125,402.48$4,658,199.00
28th August 2020IIVI - II-VI, Inc.22,626Grant/award etc.113,141$0.00