David F Walker

CVLT 36,536 shares
CLGX 45,219 shares
CHS 188,543 shares

The estimated Net Worth of David F Walker is at least $4,546,996.74. David F Walker owns over 36,536 units of Commvault Systems, Inc. stock worth over $2,481,890.48.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th September 2020CLGX - CoreLogic, Inc.20.405Grant/award etc.47,437.493$0.00
5th February 2019CVLT - Commvault Systems, Inc.3,888Open or private sale36,536$67.93$264,111.84$2,481,890.48
30th April 2019CLGX - CoreLogic, Inc.3,939Grant/award etc.47,219$0.00
3rd May 2019CLGX - CoreLogic, Inc.2,000Bona fide gift43,219$0.00
3rd May 2019CLGX - CoreLogic, Inc.2,000Open or private sale45,219$40.50$81,000.00$1,831,369.50
27th June 2019CHS - Chico's FAS, Inc.19,300Grant/award etc.142,293$0.00
23rd August 2019CVLT - Commvault Systems, Inc.4,803Grant/award etc.41,339$0.00
24th January 2020CLGX - CoreLogic, Inc.19.088Grant/award etc.43,238.088$0.00
27th January 2020CVLT - Commvault Systems, Inc.7,500Exercise of derivative48,839$26.83$201,225.00$1,310,350.37
28th April 2020CLGX - CoreLogic, Inc.4,160Grant/award etc.47,398.088$0.00
15th June 2020CLGX - CoreLogic, Inc.19Grant/award etc.47,417$47.57$903.83$2,255,626.69
24th June 2020CHS - Chico's FAS, Inc.36,250Grant/award etc.178,543$0.00
26th June 2020CHS - Chico's FAS, Inc.10,000Open or private purchase188,543$1.24$12,397.00$233,736.76
31st August 2020CVLT - Commvault Systems, Inc.4,618Grant/award etc.53,457$0.00