Brud E Drachman, EVP-Construction/Facilities

PSMT 28,694 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Brud E Drachman is at least $1,719,344.48. Brud E Drachman owns over 28,694 units of PriceSmart, Inc. stock worth over $1,719,344.48.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th October 2020PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.878Grant/award etc.34,321$0.00
12th October 2020PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.1,572Grant/award etc.33,443$0.00
29th August 2019PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.450Payment by withholding28,694$59.92$26,964.00$1,719,344.48
16th October 2019PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.124Grant/award etc.30,464$0.00
27th September 2019PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.1,646Grant/award etc.30,340$0.00
26th October 2019PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.16Payment by withholding30,448$71.45$1,143.20$2,175,509.60
24th January 2020PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.718Payment by withholding29,730$63.59$45,657.62$1,890,530.70
20th July 2020PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.2,520Grant/award etc.32,250$0.00
29th August 2020PSMT - PriceSmart, Inc.379Sale back to the issuer31,871$66.09$25,048.11$2,106,354.39