Marc O Mayer, Chairman and CEO

MN 633,920 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Marc O Mayer is at least $2,725,856.00. Marc O Mayer owns over 633,920 units of Manning & Napier, Inc. stock worth over $2,725,856.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
21st September 2020MN - Manning & Napier, Inc.634,527Payment by withholding633,920$4.30$2,728,466.10$2,725,856.00
21st September 2020MN - Manning & Napier, Inc.683,334Exercise of derivative1,268,447$2.01$1,373,501.34$2,549,578.47
21st September 2020MN - Manning & Napier, Inc.166,666Exercise of derivative585,113$2.01$334,998.66$1,176,077.13
30th January 2019MN - Manning & Napier, Inc.375,000Grant/award etc.375,000$0.00
5th August 2019MN - Manning & Napier, Inc.24,960Open or private purchase459,960$1.75$43,680.00$804,930.00
2nd August 2019MN - Manning & Napier, Inc.60,000Open or private purchase435,000$1.67$100,200.00$726,450.00
8th August 2019MN - Manning & Napier, Inc.3,700Open or private purchase467,660$1.84$6,808.00$860,494.40
6th August 2019MN - Manning & Napier, Inc.4,000Open or private purchase463,960$1.75$7,000.00$811,930.00
26th August 2019MN - Manning & Napier, Inc.5,000Open or private purchase472,660$1.72$8,597.50$812,738.87
31st December 2019MN - Manning & Napier, Inc.61,213Payment by withholding411,447$1.74$106,510.62$715,917.78
24th August 2020MN - Manning & Napier, Inc.328Open or private purchase415,947$4.27$1,400.56$1,776,093.69
21st August 2020MN - Manning & Napier, Inc.4,172Open or private purchase415,619$4.06$16,938.32$1,687,413.14
1st September 2020MN - Manning & Napier, Inc.2,500Open or private purchase418,447$4.39$10,975.00$1,836,982.33