James P Holden

SNA 20,039.21 shares
(SIRI) 194,577 shares
TRK 0 shares

The estimated Net Worth of James P Holden is at least $4,431,739.32. James P Holden owns over 20,039.21 units of Snap-On, Inc. stock worth over $3,326,308.47.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th February 2019(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.362Grant/award etc.194,577$0.00
31st January 2019SNA - Snap-On, Inc.75Grant/award etc.20,039.21$165.99$12,449.25$3,326,308.47
14th February 2019SNA - Snap-On, Inc.845Grant/award etc.20,884.21$0.00
17th May 2019(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.63,067Open or private sale194,577$5.68$358,296.24$1,105,430.85
17th May 2019(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.3,987Payment by withholding257,644$5.69$22,686.03$1,465,994.36
17th May 2019(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.13,494Exercise of derivative261,631$0.49$6,612.06$128,199.19
17th May 2019(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.53,560Exercise of derivative248,137$0.30$16,068.00$74,441.10
31st May 2019(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.365Grant/award etc.194,942$0.00
6th June 2019(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.33,207Grant/award etc.228,149$0.00
30th April 2019SNA - Snap-On, Inc.178Grant/award etc.21,176.275$168.28$29,953.84$3,563,543.54
24th April 2019TRK - Speedway Motorsports LLC5,286Grant/award etc.47,940$0.00
30th August 2019(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.376Grant/award etc.228,525$0.00
31st July 2019SNA - Snap-On, Inc.81Grant/award etc.21,368.882$152.61$12,361.41$3,261,105.02
17th September 2019TRK - Speedway Motorsports LLC47,940Disposition due to a tender of shares in a change of control transaction0$19.75$946,815.00$0.00
29th November 2019(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.389Grant/award etc.228,914$0.00
31st October 2019SNA - Snap-On, Inc.76Grant/award etc.21,563.281$162.67$12,362.92$3,507,698.87
5th February 2020(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.44,313Open or private sale228,914$7.21$319,496.73$1,650,469.94
5th February 2020(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.6,694Payment by withholding273,227$7.24$48,431.09$1,976,797.35
5th February 2020(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.51,007Exercise of derivative279,921$0.95$48,426.05$265,757.00
28th February 2020(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.356Grant/award etc.229,270$0.00
31st January 2020SNA - Snap-On, Inc.78Grant/award etc.21,769.173$159.63$12,451.14$3,475,013.04
13th February 2020SNA - Snap-On, Inc.820Grant/award etc.22,589.173$0.00
29th May 2020(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.465Grant/award etc.229,735$0.00
5th June 2020(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.27,136Grant/award etc.256,871$0.00
30th April 2020SNA - Snap-On, Inc.230Grant/award etc.22,984.591$130.29$29,966.70$2,994,662.31
31st August 2020(SIRI) - SIRIUS XM HOLDINGS INC.404Grant/award etc.257,275$0.00
31st July 2020SNA - Snap-On, Inc.85Grant/award etc.23,223.032$145.87$12,398.95$3,387,543.65