Penny Herscher

PRO 3,189 shares
VRNT 5,401 shares
LITE 40,617 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Penny Herscher is at least $3,236,087.65. Penny Herscher owns over 3,189 units of PROS Holdings, Inc. stock worth over $103,578.72.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
10th January 2019PRO - PROS Holdings, Inc.2,405Payment by withholding3,189$32.48$78,114.40$103,578.72
10th January 2019PRO - PROS Holdings, Inc.5,594Exercise of derivative5,594$32.48$181,693.12$181,693.12
9th April 2019VRNT - Verint Systems, Inc.1,910Payment by withholding5,401$62.04$118,496.40$335,078.04
19th April 2019VRNT - Verint Systems, Inc.3,300Grant/award etc.8,701$0.00
14th November 2019LITE - Lumentum Holdings Inc.4,064Grant/award etc.41,824$0.00
18th November 2019LITE - Lumentum Holdings Inc.1,207Open or private sale40,617$68.87$83,130.19$2,797,430.89
1st November 2019PRO - PROS Holdings, Inc.2,405Exercise of derivative2,405$32.48$78,114.40$78,114.40
15th January 2020PRO - PROS Holdings, Inc.1,992Open or private sale8,582$67.88$135,216.96$582,546.16
15th January 2020PRO - PROS Holdings, Inc.4,980Exercise of derivative10,574$67.95$338,391.00$718,503.30
29th April 2020PRO - PROS Holdings, Inc.1,660Exercise of derivative10,242$34.29$56,921.40$351,198.18
4th May 2020PRO - PROS Holdings, Inc.664Open or private sale9,578$32.60$21,646.40$312,242.80
26th August 2020VRNT - Verint Systems, Inc.4,326Grant/award etc.13,027$0.00