William M Cook

NP 5,765 shares
IEX 18,228 shares

The estimated Net Worth of William M Cook is at least $3,295,683.11. William M Cook owns over 5,765 units of Neenah, Inc. stock worth over $343,997.55.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
10th May 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.940Grant/award etc.18,228$0.00
22nd May 2019NP - Neenah, Inc.1,676Grant/award etc.5,765$59.67$100,006.92$343,997.55
15th August 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.4,080Open or private sale18,228$161.93$660,680.11$2,951,685.56
15th August 2019IEX - IDEX Corp.4,080Exercise of derivative22,308$30.82$125,745.60$687,532.56
30th May 2020AXTA - Axalta Coating Systems Ltd.4,385Exercise of derivative4,385$0.00
7th May 2020IEX - IDEX Corp.1,045Grant/award etc.19,273$0.00
28th May 2020IEX - IDEX Corp.3,190Open or private sale19,273$160.68$512,569.20$3,096,785.64
28th May 2020IEX - IDEX Corp.3,190Exercise of derivative22,463$40.89$130,439.10$918,512.07
21st May 2020NP - Neenah, Inc.2,016Grant/award etc.7,781$49.60$99,993.60$385,937.60
26th August 2020NP - Neenah, Inc.1,000Open or private purchase8,781$44.68$44,680.00$392,335.08