James R Ii Heslop, Exec. Vice President/COO

MBCN 10,100.587 shares

The estimated Net Worth of James R Ii Heslop is at least $428,567.91. James R Ii Heslop owns over 10,100.587 units of Middlefield Banc Corp. stock worth over $428,567.91.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd January 2019MBCN - Middlefield Banc Corp.226Grant/award etc.10,100.587$42.43$9,589.18$428,567.91
1st March 2019MBCN - Middlefield Banc Corp.310Payment by withholding10,625.387$41.90$12,989.00$445,203.72
1st March 2019MBCN - Middlefield Banc Corp.835Grant/award etc.10,935.387$41.90$34,986.50$458,192.72
13th May 2019MBCN - Middlefield Banc Corp.200Open or private purchase10,882.788$40.84$8,168.00$444,453.06
27th June 2019MBCN - Middlefield Banc Corp.200Exercise of derivative11,149.296$17.55$3,510.00$195,670.14
2nd January 2020MBCN - Middlefield Banc Corp.367Grant/award etc.22,878.835$26.09$9,575.03$596,908.81
9th March 2020MBCN - Middlefield Banc Corp.300Open or private purchase23,178.835$20.49$6,147.00$474,934.33
8th July 2020MBCN - Middlefield Banc Corp.500Exercise of derivative23,970.412$8.78$4,387.50$210,340.37
20th July 2020MBCN - Middlefield Banc Corp.630Payment by withholding24,793.412$17.69$11,144.70$438,595.46
20th July 2020MBCN - Middlefield Banc Corp.1,453Grant/award etc.25,423.412$17.69$25,703.57$449,740.16
2nd September 2020MBCN - Middlefield Banc Corp.400Open or private purchase436$17.75$7,100.00$7,739.00