Michael R Pyle, Senior VP, Engineering

PEGA 11,369 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michael R Pyle is at least $1,424,990.46. Michael R Pyle owns over 11,369 units of Pegasystems, Inc. stock worth over $1,424,990.46.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
9th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.179Payment by withholding11,369$125.34$22,435.86$1,424,990.46
9th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.402Exercise of derivative11,548$0.00
7th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.139Payment by withholding11,146$130.78$18,178.42$1,457,673.88
7th December 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.313Exercise of derivative11,285$0.00
2nd January 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.500Open or private sale3,552$46.90$23,450.00$166,588.80
7th January 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,000Open or private sale2,552$50.00$50,000.00$127,600.00
1st February 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,500Open or private sale1,052$56.63$84,945.00$59,574.76
5th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.655Payment by withholding6,357$64.84$42,470.20$412,187.88
5th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.2,221Exercise of derivative7,012$0.00
5th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.751Payment by withholding4,791$64.84$48,694.84$310,648.44
5th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.2,550Exercise of derivative5,542$0.00
4th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.720Payment by withholding2,992$66.32$47,750.40$198,429.44
4th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.2,267Exercise of derivative3,712$0.00
4th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.165Payment by withholding1,445$66.32$10,942.80$95,832.40
4th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.558Exercise of derivative1,610$0.00
7th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.130Payment by withholding6,667$64.35$8,365.50$429,021.45
7th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.440Exercise of derivative6,797$0.00
11th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.119Payment by withholding6,949$64.01$7,617.19$444,805.49
11th March 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.401Exercise of derivative7,068$0.00
21st May 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,427Payment by withholding18,627$72.65$103,671.55$1,353,251.55
21st May 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.2,696Exercise of derivative20,054$11.05$29,790.80$221,596.70
21st May 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.7,060Payment by withholding17,358$72.65$512,909.00$1,261,058.70
21st May 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.12,450Exercise of derivative24,418$16.02$199,449.00$391,176.36
21st May 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.2,176Payment by withholding11,968$72.65$158,086.40$869,475.20
21st May 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.3,736Exercise of derivative14,144$18.02$67,322.72$254,874.88
21st May 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.2,931Payment by withholding10,408$72.65$212,937.15$756,141.20
21st May 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.6,390Exercise of derivative13,339$16.15$103,198.50$215,424.85
3rd June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.248Payment by withholding18,936$72.14$17,890.72$1,366,043.04
3rd June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.557Exercise of derivative19,184$0.00
10th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,000Open or private sale16,159$70.95$70,950.00$1,146,481.05
10th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.900Open or private sale17,159$72.13$64,917.00$1,237,678.67
10th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,100Open or private sale18,059$71.72$78,892.00$1,295,191.48
10th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.179Payment by withholding19,159$70.63$12,642.77$1,353,200.17
10th June 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.402Exercise of derivative19,338$0.00
1st July 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.3,000Open or private sale13,159$72.09$216,270.00$948,632.31
1st August 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,100Open or private sale10,159$76.24$83,864.00$774,522.16
1st August 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,900Open or private sale11,259$75.33$143,127.00$848,140.47
3rd September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.100Open or private sale7,468$70.18$7,018.00$524,104.24
3rd September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.2,900Open or private sale7,568$69.68$202,072.00$527,338.24
3rd September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.248Payment by withholding10,468$70.15$17,397.20$734,330.20
3rd September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.557Exercise of derivative10,716$0.00
9th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.179Payment by withholding7,691$71.58$12,812.82$550,521.78
9th September 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.402Exercise of derivative7,870$0.00
3rd October 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,000Open or private sale4,691$70.00$70,000.00$328,370.00
1st October 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.2,000Open or private sale5,691$69.00$138,000.00$392,679.00
1st November 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,000Open or private sale3,691$75.21$75,210.00$277,600.11
2nd December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.248Payment by withholding4,000$77.62$19,249.76$310,480.00
2nd December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.557Exercise of derivative4,248$0.00
9th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.179Payment by withholding4,222$76.98$13,779.42$325,009.56
9th December 2019PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.401Exercise of derivative4,401$0.00
2nd March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.194Payment by withholding4,586$90.50$17,557.00$415,033.00
2nd March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.558Exercise of derivative4,780$0.00
5th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.751Payment by withholding6,385$91.86$68,986.86$586,526.10
5th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.2,550Exercise of derivative7,136$0.00
9th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.118Payment by withholding8,794$84.48$9,968.64$742,917.12
9th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.402Exercise of derivative8,912$0.00
6th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.276Payment by withholding8,510$87.64$24,188.64$745,816.40
6th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.937Exercise of derivative8,786$0.00
6th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.609Payment by withholding7,849$87.64$53,372.76$687,886.36
6th March 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.2,073Exercise of derivative8,458$0.00
18th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.12,987Payment by withholding25,179$88.00$1,142,856.00$2,215,752.00
18th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.22,772Exercise of derivative38,166$20.05$456,578.60$765,228.30
18th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.7,100Payment by withholding15,394$88.00$624,800.00$1,354,672.00
18th May 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.13,700Exercise of derivative22,494$18.03$247,011.00$405,566.82
9th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.179Payment by withholding25,576$98.84$17,692.36$2,527,931.84
9th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.402Exercise of derivative25,755$0.00
8th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.139Payment by withholding25,353$98.51$13,692.89$2,497,524.03
8th June 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.313Exercise of derivative25,492$0.00
3rd August 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.3,147Open or private sale18,076$118.31$372,321.57$2,138,571.56
3rd August 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.2,944Open or private sale21,223$117.70$346,508.80$2,497,947.10
3rd August 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,409Open or private sale24,167$116.79$164,557.11$2,822,463.93
1st September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.2,594Open or private sale10,576$132.31$343,212.14$1,399,310.56
1st September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.1,006Open or private sale13,170$131.26$132,047.56$1,728,694.20
1st September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.3,200Open or private sale14,176$130.38$417,216.00$1,848,266.88
1st September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.700Open or private sale17,376$129.17$90,419.00$2,244,457.92
9th September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.178Payment by withholding10,972$120.01$21,361.78$1,316,749.72
9th September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.401Exercise of derivative11,150$0.00
8th September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.139Payment by withholding10,749$124.26$17,272.14$1,335,670.74
8th September 2020PEGA - Pegasystems, Inc.312Exercise of derivative10,888$0.00