Harry N Pefanis, President & CCO

PAA 630,194 shares
PAGP 213,653 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Harry N Pefanis is at least $11,998,885.38. Harry N Pefanis owns over 630,194 units of Plains All American Pipeline LP stock worth over $8,923,799.12.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
21st October 2020PAGP - Plains GP Holdings, L.P.500,000Exercise of derivative1,733,653$0.00
17th January 2019OMP - Oasis Midstream Partners LP5,390Grant/award etc.35,450$0.00
21st January 2020OMP - Oasis Midstream Partners LP5,390Grant/award etc.40,840$0.00
26th February 2020PAA - Plains All American Pipeline LP30,000Open or private purchase630,194$14.16$424,812.00$8,923,799.12
12th March 2020PAA - Plains All American Pipeline LP20,000Open or private purchase650,194$6.96$139,270.00$4,527,625.92
26th February 2020PAGP - Plains GP Holdings, L.P.30,000Open or private purchase213,653$14.39$431,787.00$3,075,086.26
12th March 2020PAGP - Plains GP Holdings, L.P.20,000Open or private purchase233,653$7.36$147,100.00$1,718,517.82
1st September 2020PAGP - Plains GP Holdings, L.P.1,000,000Exercise of derivative1,233,653$0.00