Michael W Sutherlin

SCHN 30,004.314 shares
BTU 12,766 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michael W Sutherlin is at least $1,038,798.34. Michael W Sutherlin owns over 30,004.314 units of Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. stock worth over $751,308.02.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
29th January 2019SCHN - Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.5,203Grant/award etc.29,819.982$0.00
25th February 2019SCHN - Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.184.332Grant/award etc.30,004.314$25.04$4,615.67$751,308.02
10th May 2019BTU - Peabody Energy Corp.4,391Grant/award etc.12,739$0.00
28th May 2019SCHN - Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.207.23Grant/award etc.30,211.544$22.44$4,650.24$677,947.05
12th June 2019BTU - Peabody Energy Corp.27Grant/award etc.12,766$22.52$608.04$287,490.32
27th August 2019SCHN - Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.219.425Grant/award etc.30,430.969$21.37$4,689.11$650,309.81
11th September 2019BTU - Peabody Energy Corp.35Grant/award etc.12,801$18.53$648.55$237,202.53
29th November 2019SCHN - Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.219.501Grant/award etc.30,650.47$21.55$4,730.25$660,517.63
29th November 2019BTU - Peabody Energy Corp.72Grant/award etc.12,871$9.68$696.96$124,591.28
28th January 2020SCHN - Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.6,932Grant/award etc.37,582.47$0.00
24th February 2020SCHN - Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.349.359Grant/award etc.37,931.829$16.45$5,746.96$623,978.59
8th May 2020BTU - Peabody Energy Corp.14,000Grant/award etc.26,871$0.00
26th May 2020SCHN - Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.379.9Grant/award etc.38,311.729$15.30$5,812.47$586,169.45
24th August 2020SCHN - Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.298.211Grant/award etc.38,609.94$19.73$5,883.70$761,774.12