Isabell Marie Wadecki

AOBC 29,918 shares
AOBC 62,556 shares
YCNG 11,577 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Isabell Marie Wadecki is at least $767,591.74. Isabell Marie Wadecki owns over 29,918 units of American Outdoor Brands, Inc. stock worth over $387,886.87.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
21st September 2020AOBC - American Outdoor Brands, Inc.1,500Open or private purchase29,918$12.97$19,447.50$387,886.87
25th September 2019AOBC - American Outdoor Brands Corp.14,455Grant/award etc.61,056$0.00
11th March 2020AOBC - American Outdoor Brands Corp.1,500Open or private purchase62,556$5.82$8,730.00$364,075.92
30th June 2020YCNG - YouChange Holdings Corp1,497Grant/award etc.11,577$1.35$2,020.95$15,628.95
31st May 2020YCNG - YouChange Holdings Corp1,520Grant/award etc.10,080$1.33$2,021.60$13,406.40
30th April 2020YCNG - YouChange Holdings Corp1,713Grant/award etc.8,560$1.18$2,021.34$10,100.80
31st March 2020YCNG - YouChange Holdings Corp1,727Grant/award etc.6,847$1.17$2,020.59$8,010.99
29th February 2020YCNG - YouChange Holdings Corp923Grant/award etc.5,120$2.19$2,021.37$11,212.80
31st January 2020YCNG - YouChange Holdings Corp825Grant/award etc.4,197$2.45$2,021.25$10,282.65
25th August 2020AOBC - American Outdoor Brands, Inc.4,988Other acquisition or disposition15,638$0.00
24th August 2020AOBC - American Outdoor Brands, Inc.10,650Other acquisition or disposition10,650$0.00
8th September 2020AOBC - American Outdoor Brands, Inc.12,780Grant/award etc.28,418$0.00