W Alan Mccollough

VFC 17,781.582 shares

The estimated Net Worth of W Alan Mccollough is at least $1,511,967.92. W Alan Mccollough owns over 17,781.582 units of VF Corp. stock worth over $1,511,967.92.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
20th November 2020VFC - VF Corp.7,636Open or private sale17,781.582$85.03$649,289.08$1,511,967.92
20th November 2020VFC - VF Corp.7,636Exercise of derivative25,417.582$37.61$287,151.78$955,828.17
20th November 2020VFC - VF Corp.7,429Open or private sale17,781.582$85.04$631,791.88$1,512,216.86
20th November 2020VFC - VF Corp.7,429Exercise of derivative25,210.582$33.81$251,144.77$852,268.94
28th January 2019VFC - VF Corp.12,552Open or private sale15,190.35$83.20$1,044,326.40$1,263,837.12
28th January 2019VFC - VF Corp.12,552Exercise of derivative27,742.35$18.72$234,973.44$519,336.79
24th May 2019VFC - VF Corp.978Grant/award etc.16,208.136$0.00
19th May 2020VFC - VF Corp.1,525Grant/award etc.17,759.245$0.00
2nd September 2020VFC - VF Corp.9,501Open or private sale17,770.996$67.08$637,279.58$1,191,989.56
2nd September 2020VFC - VF Corp.9,501Exercise of derivative27,271.996$22.19$210,808.19$605,111.05