Alfred F Jr Kelly, CHAIRMAN & CEO

V 117,090 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Alfred F Jr Kelly is at least $23,514,013.80. Alfred F Jr Kelly owns over 117,090 units of Visa, Inc. stock worth over $23,514,013.80.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th September 2020V - Visa, Inc.7,000Open or private sale117,090$200.82$1,405,740.00$23,514,013.80
30th September 2020V - Visa, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative124,090$80.82$323,280.00$10,028,953.80
30th October 2019V - Visa, Inc.7,000Open or private sale48,446$177.79$1,244,530.00$8,613,214.34
30th October 2019V - Visa, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative55,446$80.82$323,280.00$4,481,145.72
19th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.30,192Payment by withholding80,788$182.77$5,518,191.84$14,765,622.76
19th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.3,918Exercise of derivative110,980$0.00
19th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.10,667Exercise of derivative107,062$0.00
19th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.10,623Exercise of derivative96,395$0.00
19th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.37,326Exercise of derivative85,772$0.00
30th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.66,310Payment by withholding146,514$184.51$12,234,858.10$27,033,298.14
30th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.135,036Exercise of derivative212,824$0.00
29th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.7,000Open or private sale77,788$183.72$1,286,040.00$14,291,211.36
29th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative84,788$80.82$323,280.00$6,852,566.16
30th December 2019V - Visa, Inc.7,000Open or private sale143,514$189.31$1,325,170.00$27,168,635.34
30th December 2019V - Visa, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative150,514$80.82$323,280.00$12,164,541.48
15th January 2020V - Visa, Inc.576Exercise of derivative144,090$0.00
30th January 2020V - Visa, Inc.7,000Open or private sale141,090$204.00$1,428,000.00$28,782,360.00
30th January 2020V - Visa, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative148,090$80.82$323,280.00$11,968,633.80
28th February 2020V - Visa, Inc.7,000Open or private sale138,090$174.04$1,218,280.00$24,033,183.60
28th February 2020V - Visa, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative145,090$80.82$323,280.00$11,726,173.80
30th March 2020V - Visa, Inc.7,000Open or private sale135,090$161.40$1,129,800.00$21,803,526.00
30th March 2020V - Visa, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative142,090$80.82$323,280.00$11,483,713.80
30th April 2020V - Visa, Inc.7,000Open or private sale132,090$181.78$1,272,460.00$24,011,320.20
30th April 2020V - Visa, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative139,090$80.82$323,280.00$11,241,253.80
29th May 2020V - Visa, Inc.7,000Open or private sale129,090$194.50$1,361,500.00$25,108,005.00
29th May 2020V - Visa, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative136,090$80.82$323,280.00$10,998,793.80
30th June 2020V - Visa, Inc.7,000Open or private sale126,090$191.49$1,340,430.00$24,144,974.10
30th June 2020V - Visa, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative133,090$80.82$323,280.00$10,756,333.80
30th July 2020V - Visa, Inc.7,000Open or private sale123,090$195.00$1,365,000.00$24,002,550.00
30th July 2020V - Visa, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative130,090$80.82$323,280.00$10,513,873.80
28th August 2020V - Visa, Inc.7,000Open or private sale120,090$212.00$1,484,000.00$25,459,080.00
28th August 2020V - Visa, Inc.4,000Exercise of derivative127,090$80.82$323,280.00$10,271,413.80