Thomas W Casey, Chief Financial Officer

LC 200,805 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Thomas W Casey is at least $628,519.65. Thomas W Casey owns over 200,805 units of LendingClub Corp. stock worth over $628,519.65.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
25th February 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.29,469Payment by withholding200,805$3.13$92,237.97$628,519.65
25th February 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.55,970Exercise of derivative230,274$0.00
25th February 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.7,271Payment by withholding174,304$3.10$22,540.10$540,342.40
25th February 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.13,809Exercise of derivative181,575$0.00
28th February 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.15,000Open or private purchase25,000$2.98$44,700.00$74,500.00
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.23,655Payment by withholding272,961$3.09$73,093.95$843,449.49
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.44,928Exercise of derivative296,616$0.00
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.28,180Payment by withholding251,688$3.09$87,076.20$777,715.92
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.53,523Exercise of derivative279,868$0.00
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.29,469Payment by withholding226,345$3.09$91,059.21$699,406.05
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.55,970Exercise of derivative255,814$0.00
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.7,271Payment by withholding199,844$3.09$22,467.39$617,517.96
25th May 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.13,810Exercise of derivative207,115$0.00
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.4,732Payment by withholding67,987$13.06$61,799.92$887,910.22
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.8,986Exercise of derivative72,719$0.00
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.2,818Payment by withholding63,733$13.06$36,803.08$832,352.98
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.5,352Exercise of derivative66,551$0.00
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.5,894Payment by withholding61,199$13.06$76,975.64$799,258.94
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.11,194Exercise of derivative67,093$0.00
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.1,455Payment by withholding55,899$13.06$19,002.30$730,040.94
25th August 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.2,762Exercise of derivative57,354$0.00
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.4,731Payment by withholding81,382$13.08$61,881.48$1,064,476.56
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.8,985Exercise of derivative86,113$0.00
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.2,819Payment by withholding77,128$13.08$36,872.52$1,008,834.24
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.5,353Exercise of derivative79,947$0.00
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.5,894Payment by withholding74,594$13.08$77,093.52$975,689.52
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.11,194Exercise of derivative80,488$0.00
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.1,455Payment by withholding69,294$13.59$19,773.45$941,705.46
25th November 2019LC - LendingClub Corp.2,762Exercise of derivative70,749$0.00
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.4,732Payment by withholding94,777$11.87$56,168.84$1,125,002.99
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.8,986Exercise of derivative99,509$0.00
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,818Payment by withholding90,523$11.87$33,449.66$1,074,508.01
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,352Exercise of derivative93,341$0.00
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,894Payment by withholding87,989$11.87$69,961.78$1,044,429.43
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.11,194Exercise of derivative93,883$0.00
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,455Payment by withholding82,689$11.13$16,194.15$920,328.57
25th February 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,762Exercise of derivative84,144$0.00
5th March 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,000Open or private purchase10,000$10.11$50,543.50$101,087.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.6,632Payment by withholding117,030$5.26$34,884.32$615,577.80
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.12,596Exercise of derivative123,662$0.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,220Payment by withholding111,066$5.26$16,937.20$584,207.16
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.6,114Exercise of derivative114,286$0.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.4,732Payment by withholding108,172$5.26$24,890.32$568,984.72
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.8,986Exercise of derivative112,904$0.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,818Payment by withholding103,918$5.26$14,822.68$546,608.68
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,352Exercise of derivative106,736$0.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,894Payment by withholding101,384$5.26$31,002.44$533,279.84
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.11,194Exercise of derivative107,278$0.00
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,455Payment by withholding96,084$5.26$7,653.30$505,401.84
25th May 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,762Exercise of derivative97,539$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,970Payment by withholding138,901$5.62$33,551.40$780,623.62
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.12,596Exercise of derivative144,871$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,557Payment by withholding132,275$5.62$8,750.34$743,385.50
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.3,058Exercise of derivative133,832$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.4,574Payment by withholding130,774$5.62$25,705.88$734,949.88
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.8,985Exercise of derivative135,348$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,762Payment by withholding126,363$5.62$15,522.44$710,160.06
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,352Exercise of derivative129,125$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.5,777Payment by withholding123,773$5.62$32,466.74$695,604.26
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.11,194Exercise of derivative129,550$0.00
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.1,436Payment by withholding118,356$5.53$7,941.08$654,508.68
25th August 2020LC - LendingClub Corp.2,762Exercise of derivative119,792$0.00