John F Jr Runkel, GC & Corporate Secretary

SNPS 17,621 shares

The estimated Net Worth of John F Jr Runkel is at least $3,806,136.00. John F Jr Runkel owns over 17,621 units of Synopsys, Inc. stock worth over $3,806,136.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
6th October 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.2,052Open or private sale17,621$216.00$443,232.00$3,806,136.00
6th October 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.2,052Exercise of derivative19,673$60.37$123,879.24$1,187,659.01
6th October 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.1,342Open or private sale17,621$216.00$289,872.00$3,806,136.00
6th October 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.1,342Exercise of derivative18,963$90.51$121,464.42$1,716,341.13
6th October 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.6,311Open or private sale17,621$216.00$1,363,176.00$3,806,136.00
6th October 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.6,311Exercise of derivative23,932$89.76$566,475.36$2,148,136.32
22nd February 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.6,124Open or private sale17,195$101.71$622,872.04$1,748,903.45
22nd February 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.6,124Exercise of derivative23,319$42.43$259,841.32$989,425.17
22nd February 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.3,876Open or private sale17,195$101.71$394,227.96$1,748,903.45
22nd February 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.3,876Exercise of derivative21,071$45.23$175,311.48$953,041.33
28th February 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.86Other acquisition or disposition17,281$86.43$7,432.81$1,493,562.27
11th March 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.450Bona fide gift16,831$0.00
18th March 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.500Bona fide gift16,331$0.00
15th March 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.5,000Open or private sale16,831$109.51$547,570.50$1,843,231.82
15th March 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.5,000Exercise of derivative21,831$45.23$226,150.00$987,416.13
24th May 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.10,000Open or private sale16,331$117.36$1,173,600.00$1,916,606.16
24th May 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative26,331$45.23$452,300.00$1,190,951.13
23rd August 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.9,483Open or private sale16,331$137.47$1,303,628.01$2,245,022.57
23rd August 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.9,483Exercise of derivative25,814$45.23$428,916.09$1,167,567.22
23rd August 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.517Open or private sale16,331$137.47$71,071.99$2,245,022.57
23rd August 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.517Exercise of derivative16,848$60.37$31,211.29$1,017,113.76
30th August 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.86Other acquisition or disposition16,417$86.55$7,443.04$1,420,842.10
8th December 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.548Payment by withholding18,813$134.21$73,547.08$2,524,892.73
8th December 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.1,105Exercise of derivative19,361$0.00
8th December 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.775Payment by withholding18,256$134.21$104,012.75$2,450,137.76
8th December 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.1,563Exercise of derivative19,031$0.00
8th December 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.1,035Payment by withholding17,468$134.21$138,907.35$2,344,380.28
8th December 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.2,086Exercise of derivative18,503$0.00
12th December 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.622Payment by withholding18,650$135.88$84,517.36$2,534,162.00
12th December 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.1,254Exercise of derivative19,272$0.00
12th December 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.345Bona fide gift18,018$0.00
11th December 2019SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.450Bona fide gift18,363$0.00
3rd January 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.5,043Open or private sale18,650$141.15$711,804.83$2,632,393.42
3rd January 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.5,043Exercise of derivative23,693$45.23$228,094.89$1,071,634.39
3rd January 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.4,957Open or private sale18,650$141.15$699,666.17$2,632,393.42
3rd January 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.4,957Exercise of derivative23,607$60.37$299,254.09$1,425,154.59
28th February 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.86Other acquisition or disposition18,736$86.55$7,443.04$1,621,544.59
4th March 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.5,000Open or private sale18,736$142.04$710,216.00$2,661,321.40
4th March 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.5,000Exercise of derivative23,736$60.37$301,850.00$1,432,942.32
12th March 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.5,000Open or private sale18,736$127.43$637,125.00$2,387,434.80
12th March 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.5,000Exercise of derivative23,736$60.37$301,850.00$1,432,942.32
15th April 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.780Bona fide gift17,956$0.00
13th April 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.5,000Open or private sale18,736$135.00$675,000.00$2,529,360.00
13th April 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.5,000Exercise of derivative23,736$60.37$301,850.00$1,432,942.32
26th May 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.6,202Open or private sale17,956$172.08$1,067,240.16$3,089,868.48
26th May 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.6,202Exercise of derivative24,158$60.37$374,414.74$1,458,418.46
26th May 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.3,798Open or private sale17,956$172.08$653,559.84$3,089,868.48
26th May 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.3,798Exercise of derivative21,754$90.51$343,756.98$1,968,954.54
17th June 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.450Bona fide gift17,506$0.00
16th June 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.2,052Open or private sale17,956$187.00$383,724.62$3,357,777.39
16th June 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.2,052Exercise of derivative20,008$60.37$123,879.24$1,207,882.96
16th June 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.2,948Open or private sale17,956$187.00$551,276.88$3,357,777.39
16th June 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.2,948Exercise of derivative20,904$89.76$264,612.48$1,876,343.04
24th August 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.9,629Open or private sale17,506$212.03$2,041,595.47$3,711,721.90
24th August 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.9,629Exercise of derivative27,135$90.51$871,520.79$2,455,988.85
31st August 2020SNPS - Synopsys, Inc.115Other acquisition or disposition17,621$86.55$9,952.90$1,525,044.69