CRBO 331,517 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Patrick R Mcdonald is at least $113,710.33. Patrick R Mcdonald owns over 331,517 units of Carbon Energy Corporation stock worth over $113,710.33.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st October 2020CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation1,400Open or private purchase331,517$0.34$480.20$113,710.33
21st May 2019CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation25,000Grant/award etc.264,507$0.00
4th March 2019CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation26,667Grant/award etc.239,507$0.00
27th December 2018CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation14,490Payment by withholding212,840$4.29$62,162.10$913,083.60
31st December 2019CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation13,524Payment by withholding250,983$3.71$50,174.04$931,146.93
26th May 2020CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation20,286Payment by withholding255,697$0.25$5,071.50$63,924.25
12th March 2020CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation25,000Grant/award etc.275,983$0.00
29th May 2020CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation24,369Payment by withholding315,378$0.25$6,092.25$78,844.50
29th May 2020CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation25,000Grant/award etc.339,747$0.00
29th May 2020CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation11,020Grant/award etc.314,747$0.00
26th May 2020CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation18,080Grant/award etc.303,727$0.00
31st March 2020CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation10,000Grant/award etc.285,647$0.00
6th April 2017CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation20,000Grant/award etc.275,647$0.00
5th June 2020CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation100Open or private purchase315,478$3.06$306.00$965,362.68
6th July 2020CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation939Open or private purchase316,417$1.10$1,032.90$348,058.70
25th August 2020CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation5,000Open or private purchase326,417$0.21$1,050.00$68,547.57
4th September 2020CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation3,700Open or private purchase330,117$0.29$1,073.00$95,733.93
17th August 2020CRBO - Carbon Energy Corporation5,000Open or private purchase321,417$0.30$1,500.00$96,425.10