Dana L Evan

DOMO 13,639 shares
PFPT 12,842 shares
SVMK 21,322 shares
BOX 110,567 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Dana L Evan is at least $3,384,298.47. Dana L Evan owns over 13,639 units of Domo, Inc. stock worth over $634,213.50.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
11th December 2020DOMO - Domo, Inc.4,699Open or private sale13,639$46.50$218,503.50$634,213.50
19th October 2020PFPT - Proofpoint, Inc.7,646Exercise of derivative12,842$4.88$37,312.48$62,668.96
8th March 2019PFPT - Proofpoint, Inc.3,051Open or private sale8,783$113.85$347,353.60$999,936.65
4th June 2019DOMO - Domo, Inc.4,699Grant/award etc.24,699$0.00
19th June 2019BOX - Box, Inc.5,316Grant/award etc.116,567$0.00
10th May 2019PFPT - Proofpoint, Inc.854Exercise of derivative8,783$4.88$4,167.52$42,861.04
11th June 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.5,096Grant/award etc.40,096$0.00
28th June 2019PFPT - Proofpoint, Inc.1,844Grant/award etc.10,627$0.00
29th August 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.12,774Open or private sale21,322$17.66$225,600.34$376,565.71
28th August 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.32,226Open or private sale34,096$17.29$557,258.44$589,594.85
28th August 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.26,226Exercise of derivative66,322$4.50$118,017.00$298,449.00
19th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.68,500Open or private sale21,322$21.29$1,458,241.70$453,907.00
19th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.68,500Exercise of derivative89,822$4.50$308,250.00$404,199.00
23rd June 2020DOMO - Domo, Inc.6,666Open or private sale13,334$31.00$206,646.00$413,354.00
9th June 2020PFPT - Proofpoint, Inc.2,536Open or private sale8,091$116.00$294,176.00$938,556.00
4th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.4,535Grant/award etc.25,857$0.00
7th July 2020DOMO - Domo, Inc.5,000Open or private sale8,334$36.75$183,750.00$306,274.50
10th July 2020BOX - Box, Inc.3,000Open or private sale110,567$20.90$62,700.00$2,310,850.30
8th July 2020BOX - Box, Inc.3,000Open or private sale113,567$21.18$63,543.60$2,405,485.34
15th July 2020BOX - Box, Inc.10,060Grant/award etc.120,627$0.00
1st September 2020DOMO - Domo, Inc.5,305Grant/award etc.18,338$0.00
1st September 2020DOMO - Domo, Inc.4,699Grant/award etc.13,033$0.00
10th July 2020PFPT - Proofpoint, Inc.4,758Open or private sale3,333$120.71$574,349.12$402,334.10
15th July 2020PFPT - Proofpoint, Inc.1,863Grant/award etc.5,196$0.00
20th August 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,000Open or private sale25,857$23.00$69,000.00$594,711.00
20th August 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,000Exercise of derivative28,857$4.50$13,500.00$129,856.50