Kirk Somers, Chief Legal & Privacy Officer

CDLX 81,012 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Kirk Somers is at least $6,676,198.92. Kirk Somers owns over 81,012 units of Cardlytics, Inc. stock worth over $6,676,198.92.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
16th October 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.3,000Open or private sale81,012$82.41$247,230.00$6,676,198.92
16th September 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.3,000Open or private sale84,012$72.01$216,030.00$6,049,704.12
13th March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.859Open or private sale50,167$15.75$13,529.25$790,130.25
12th March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.846Open or private sale51,026$16.00$13,536.00$816,416.00
11th March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.849Open or private sale51,872$15.95$13,541.55$827,358.40
18th March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.871Open or private sale47,533$15.54$13,535.34$738,662.82
15th March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.879Open or private sale48,404$15.39$13,527.81$744,937.56
14th March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.884Open or private sale49,283$15.32$13,542.88$755,015.56
21st March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.851Open or private sale44,942$15.91$13,539.41$715,027.22
20th March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.874Open or private sale45,793$15.49$13,538.26$709,333.57
19th March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.866Open or private sale46,667$15.63$13,535.58$729,405.21
26th March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.862Open or private sale42,347$15.70$13,533.40$664,847.90
25th March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.887Open or private sale43,209$15.26$13,535.62$659,369.34
22nd March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.846Open or private sale44,096$16.00$13,536.00$705,536.00
29th March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.820Open or private sale39,839$16.52$13,546.40$658,140.28
28th March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.831Open or private sale40,659$16.30$13,545.30$662,741.70
27th March 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.857Open or private sale41,490$15.79$13,532.03$655,127.10
20th June 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,500Open or private sale39,283$24.05$36,075.00$944,756.15
22nd July 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,500Open or private sale37,783$27.46$41,190.00$1,037,521.18
20th August 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,500Open or private sale36,283$32.57$48,855.00$1,181,737.31
20th September 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,500Open or private sale34,783$35.41$53,115.00$1,231,666.03
30th September 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative44,783$9.08$90,800.00$406,629.64
21st October 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,500Open or private sale43,283$38.15$57,225.00$1,651,246.45
20th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,500Open or private sale42,338$58.70$88,050.00$2,485,240.60
26th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.5,426Open or private sale58,062$56.22$305,049.72$3,264,245.64
26th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.10,100Open or private sale63,488$55.88$564,388.00$3,547,709.44
25th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.15,625Exercise of derivative73,588$0.00
25th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.15,625Exercise of derivative57,963$0.00
25th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.33,276Open or private sale42,338$56.38$1,876,100.88$2,387,016.44
25th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.31,785Exercise of derivative75,614$20.00$635,700.00$1,512,280.00
25th November 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,491Exercise of derivative43,829$9.08$13,538.28$397,967.32
3rd December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.15,000Open or private sale83,293$60.00$900,000.00$4,997,580.00
3rd December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.15,000Exercise of derivative98,293$30.44$456,600.00$2,992,038.92
3rd December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.25,231Exercise of derivative83,293$9.08$229,097.48$756,300.44
17th December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.200Bona fide gift82,893$0.00
17th December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.200Bona fide gift83,093$0.00
16th December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.11,038Open or private sale83,293$58.00$640,204.00$4,830,994.00
16th December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.10,000Exercise of derivative94,331$30.44$304,400.00$2,871,435.64
16th December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.261Exercise of derivative84,331$20.00$5,220.00$1,686,620.00
16th December 2019CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.777Exercise of derivative84,070$9.08$7,055.16$763,355.60
17th January 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.919Open or private sale76,893$84.88$78,004.72$6,526,677.84
17th January 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.450Open or private sale77,812$84.13$37,858.50$6,546,323.56
17th January 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.5,409Open or private sale78,262$83.06$449,271.54$6,500,441.72
17th January 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.778Exercise of derivative83,671$20.00$15,560.00$1,673,420.00
6th February 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,000Open or private sale74,893$90.00$180,000.00$6,740,370.00
18th February 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.781Open or private sale70,893$102.41$79,982.21$7,260,152.13
18th February 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,781Open or private sale71,674$100.00$278,100.00$7,167,400.00
18th February 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,000Open or private sale74,455$98.12$196,240.00$7,305,524.60
18th February 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,562Exercise of derivative76,455$30.44$47,547.28$2,327,290.20
26th February 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.7,813Exercise of derivative78,706$0.00
9th March 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.300Open or private sale75,918$45.68$13,704.00$3,467,934.24
9th March 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,488Open or private sale76,218$44.52$110,765.76$3,393,225.36
17th March 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,000Open or private sale73,918$44.57$89,140.00$3,294,525.26
17th April 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,000Open or private sale71,918$47.71$95,420.00$3,431,207.78
18th May 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,000Open or private sale69,918$58.25$116,500.00$4,072,723.50
21st May 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.94Open or private sale70,427$67.82$6,375.08$4,776,359.14
20th May 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.332Exercise of derivative70,521$0.00
27th May 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.2,823Open or private sale75,417$66.81$188,604.63$5,038,609.77
25th May 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.7,813Exercise of derivative78,240$0.00
28th May 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.917Exercise of derivative89,442$20.00$18,340.00$1,788,840.00
28th May 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.13,108Exercise of derivative88,525$20.00$262,160.00$1,770,500.00
5th June 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.385Open or private sale89,442$79.47$30,595.95$7,107,955.74
5th June 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.3,125Open or private sale89,827$79.54$248,562.50$7,144,839.58
5th June 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.385Exercise of derivative92,952$20.00$7,700.00$1,859,040.00
5th June 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.3,125Exercise of derivative92,567$30.44$95,125.00$2,817,739.48
15th June 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.400Bona fide gift89,042$0.00
16th July 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.3,000Open or private sale86,042$75.26$225,780.00$6,475,520.92
13th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.82Open or private sale85,760$79.50$6,519.00$6,817,920.00
12th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.400Bona fide gift85,842$0.00
11th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.200Exercise of derivative86,242$0.00
17th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.3,000Open or private sale82,760$81.73$245,190.00$6,763,974.80
27th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,051Open or private sale87,012$81.70$85,866.70$7,108,880.40
27th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.600Open or private sale88,063$80.82$48,492.00$7,117,251.66
27th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.1,909Open or private sale88,663$80.10$152,910.90$7,101,906.30
26th August 2020CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.7,812Exercise of derivative90,572$0.00