Stuart Harry Reese

LUK 32,023 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Stuart Harry Reese is at least $661,595.18. Stuart Harry Reese owns over 32,023 units of LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP stock worth over $661,595.18.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st March 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP97Small acquisition32,023$20.66$2,004.02$661,595.18
28th March 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP10,090Grant/award etc.42,113$18.83$189,994.70$792,987.79
3rd June 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP114Small acquisition42,227$17.71$2,018.94$747,840.17
3rd September 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP152.9Small acquisition42,379$18.20$2,782.75$771,289.32
2nd December 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP133Small acquisition42,512$21.13$2,810.29$898,278.56
2nd March 2020LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP173Small acquisition42,685$19.57$3,385.61$835,345.45
17th April 2020LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP14,393Grant/award etc.57,078$13.20$189,987.60$753,429.60
1st June 2020LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP230Small acquisition57,308$14.81$3,406.30$848,731.48
28th August 2020LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP257Small acquisition57,565$17.79$4,572.03$1,024,081.35