Richard J Swift

CVS 5,660 shares
IR 69,698.8 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Richard J Swift is at least $9,023,701.74. Richard J Swift owns over 5,660 units of CVS Health Corporation stock worth over $296,018.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
16th May 2019CVS - CVS Health Corporation2,402Grant/award etc.5,660$52.30$125,624.60$296,018.00
6th June 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.1,301Grant/award etc.70,564.8$0.00
7th June 2019IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.866Payment by withholding69,698.8$125.22$108,440.52$8,727,683.74
20th November 2019CVS - CVS Health Corporation1,676Grant/award etc.7,336$74.92$125,565.92$549,613.12
4th June 2020IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.1,701Grant/award etc.91,714.38$0.00
6th June 2020IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.802Payment by withholding90,912.38$102.01$81,812.02$9,273,971.88
27th August 2020IR - Ingersoll Rand, Inc.4,354Open or private sale87,064.502$120.02$522,555.32$10,449,246.46