Alexis M Herman

CMI 30,116.869 shares
ETR 4,281 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Alexis M Herman is at least $4,917,147.85. Alexis M Herman owns over 30,116.869 units of Cummins, Inc. stock worth over $4,521,026.92.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd January 2019ETR - Entergy Corp.100Bona fide gift4,485$0.00
20th December 2018ETR - Entergy Corp.101Bona fide gift4,585$0.00
12th February 2019CMI - Cummins, Inc.423Open or private sale30,116.869$150.12$63,499.11$4,521,026.92
22nd February 2019ETR - Entergy Corp.209Open or private sale4,281$92.53$19,338.77$396,120.93
28th February 2019ETR - Entergy Corp.195Grant/award etc.4,476$0.00
3rd May 2019ETR - Entergy Corp.195Open or private sale4,285$96.90$18,895.50$415,216.50
14th May 2019CMI - Cummins, Inc.906Grant/award etc.31,246.931$0.00
31st May 2019ETR - Entergy Corp.825Grant/award etc.5,297$0.00
31st May 2019ETR - Entergy Corp.187Grant/award etc.4,472$0.00
3rd September 2019ETR - Entergy Corp.169Grant/award etc.5,470$0.00
2nd December 2019ETR - Entergy Corp.167Grant/award etc.5,641$0.00
24th February 2020ETR - Entergy Corp.153Open or private sale5,118$130.25$19,928.25$666,619.50
21st February 2020ETR - Entergy Corp.370Open or private sale5,271$131.69$48,725.30$694,137.99
2nd March 2020ETR - Entergy Corp.156Grant/award etc.5,278$0.00
12th May 2020CMI - Cummins, Inc.982Grant/award etc.33,187.939$0.00
2nd June 2020ETR - Entergy Corp.156Open or private sale6,095$102.86$16,046.16$626,931.70
1st June 2020ETR - Entergy Corp.780Grant/award etc.6,251$0.00
1st June 2020ETR - Entergy Corp.189Grant/award etc.5,471$0.00
31st July 2020ETR - Entergy Corp.189Open or private sale5,910$104.22$19,697.58$615,940.20
31st August 2020ETR - Entergy Corp.196Grant/award etc.6,106$0.00
9th September 2020ETR - Entergy Corp.196Open or private sale5,914$98.30$19,266.80$581,346.20