Kevin Rubin, Chief Financial Officer

AYX 37,789 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Kevin Rubin is at least $4,394,482.81. Kevin Rubin owns over 37,789 units of Alteryx, Inc. stock worth over $4,394,482.81.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
9th November 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.5,260Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan37,789$116.29$611,685.40$4,394,482.81
9th November 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,100Exercise of derivative43,049$68.26$75,086.00$2,938,524.74
9th November 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,600Exercise of derivative41,949$27.09$43,344.00$1,136,398.41
9th November 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.2,248Conversion of derivative40,349$0.00
5th October 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.8,250Open or private sale10b5-1 trading plan38,101$115.00$948,750.00$4,381,615.00
5th October 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,100Exercise of derivative46,351$68.26$75,086.00$3,163,919.26
5th October 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,600Exercise of derivative45,251$27.09$43,344.00$1,225,849.59
5th October 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.2,300Conversion of derivative43,651$0.00
1st January 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.4,014Payment by withholding38,052$59.47$238,712.58$2,262,952.44
14th January 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.8,500Open or private sale38,052$67.46$573,410.00$2,566,987.92
14th January 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.8,500Conversion of derivative46,552$0.00
11th February 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.8,500Open or private sale38,052$67.87$576,895.00$2,582,589.24
11th February 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.8,500Conversion of derivative46,552$0.00
26th February 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.28,196Open or private sale38,522$77.94$2,197,596.24$3,002,404.68
26th February 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.7,828Open or private sale66,718$76.45$598,450.60$5,100,591.10
26th February 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,476Open or private sale74,546$75.46$1,016,898.96$5,625,241.16
25th February 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.18,500Open or private sale88,022$75.00$1,387,500.00$6,601,650.00
25th February 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.68,000Conversion of derivative106,522$0.00
4th March 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.17,745Grant/award etc.56,267$0.00
7th March 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.32,899Open or private sale56,267$72.38$2,381,229.62$4,072,605.46
7th March 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.76,284Open or private sale89,166$71.45$5,450,491.80$6,370,910.70
7th March 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.109,183Conversion of derivative165,450$0.00
23rd May 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.10,000Open or private sale46,267$89.20$892,000.00$4,127,016.40
10th June 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.8,000Open or private sale46,267$99.91$799,280.00$4,622,535.97
10th June 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.5,000Open or private sale54,267$98.75$493,750.00$5,358,866.25
10th June 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Conversion of derivative59,267$0.00
10th July 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Open or private sale46,267$117.98$1,533,740.00$5,458,580.66
10th July 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Conversion of derivative59,267$0.00
12th August 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.7,870Open or private sale46,267$130.03$1,023,336.10$6,016,098.01
12th August 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.5,130Open or private sale54,137$129.36$663,616.80$7,003,162.32
12th August 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Conversion of derivative59,267$0.00
9th September 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.2,394Open or private sale46,267$142.00$339,948.00$6,569,914.00
9th September 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,881Open or private sale48,661$137.53$258,693.93$6,692,347.33
9th September 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.90Open or private sale50,542$135.70$12,213.00$6,858,549.40
9th September 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.5,786Open or private sale50,632$134.80$779,952.80$6,825,193.60
9th September 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.2,849Open or private sale56,418$131.27$373,988.23$7,405,990.86
9th September 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Conversion of derivative59,267$0.00
9th October 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Open or private sale46,267$108.56$1,411,280.00$5,022,745.52
9th October 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Conversion of derivative59,267$0.00
6th November 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.67Open or private sale46,267$93.43$6,259.81$4,322,725.81
6th November 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.12,933Open or private sale46,334$92.75$1,199,535.75$4,297,478.50
6th November 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Conversion of derivative59,267$0.00
29th November 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.3,564Payment by withholding49,890$113.53$404,620.92$5,664,011.70
29th November 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.7,187Conversion of derivative53,454$0.00
9th December 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Open or private sale49,890$107.27$1,394,510.00$5,351,700.30
9th December 2019AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Conversion of derivative62,890$0.00
1st January 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.5,520Payment by withholding44,370$100.07$552,386.40$4,440,105.90
8th January 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Open or private sale44,370$111.81$1,453,530.00$4,961,009.70
8th January 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Conversion of derivative57,370$0.00
19th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.500Open or private sale44,560$154.86$77,430.00$6,900,561.60
19th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.6,000Open or private sale45,060$154.10$924,600.00$6,943,746.00
19th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.11,013Open or private sale51,060$153.31$1,688,403.03$7,828,008.60
19th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.21,230Open or private sale62,073$152.22$3,231,630.60$9,448,752.06
19th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.16,025Open or private sale83,303$151.40$2,426,185.00$12,612,074.20
19th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.14,802Exercise of derivative99,328$68.26$1,010,384.52$6,780,129.28
19th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.39,966Exercise of derivative84,526$27.09$1,082,678.94$2,289,809.34
19th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.19,934Open or private sale44,560$156.63$3,122,262.42$6,979,432.80
19th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.19,934Conversion of derivative64,494$0.00
18th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.9,575Open or private sale44,560$157.19$1,505,094.25$7,004,386.40
18th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.2,200Open or private sale54,135$155.64$342,408.00$8,425,571.40
18th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,225Open or private sale56,335$154.93$189,789.25$8,727,981.55
18th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Conversion of derivative57,560$0.00
19th February 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.9,791Grant/award etc.54,351$0.00
10th March 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.4,608Open or private sale54,351$117.19$540,011.52$6,369,393.69
10th March 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.3,600Open or private sale58,959$116.13$418,068.00$6,846,908.67
10th March 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.4,792Open or private sale62,559$115.13$551,702.96$7,202,417.67
10th March 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Conversion of derivative67,351$0.00
8th April 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.600Open or private sale54,351$91.55$54,930.00$4,975,834.05
8th April 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.2,900Open or private sale54,951$90.92$263,668.00$4,996,144.92
8th April 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.9,500Open or private sale57,851$90.18$856,710.00$5,217,003.18
8th April 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.13,000Conversion of derivative67,351$0.00
4th June 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.5,950Open or private sale51,101$141.00$838,950.00$7,205,241.00
4th June 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,100Exercise of derivative57,051$68.26$75,086.00$3,894,301.26
4th June 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,600Exercise of derivative55,951$27.09$43,344.00$1,515,712.59
4th June 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.200Open or private sale54,351$142.35$28,470.00$7,736,864.85
4th June 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,500Open or private sale54,551$141.61$212,415.00$7,724,967.11
4th June 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.2,100Open or private sale56,051$140.72$295,512.00$7,887,496.72
4th June 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,200Open or private sale58,151$138.96$166,752.00$8,080,662.96
4th June 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,000Conversion of derivative59,351$0.00
4th June 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.4,000Conversion of derivative58,351$0.00
6th July 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.5,950Open or private sale47,851$177.00$1,053,150.00$8,469,627.00
6th July 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,100Exercise of derivative53,801$68.26$75,086.00$3,672,456.26
6th July 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,600Exercise of derivative52,701$27.09$43,344.00$1,427,670.09
6th July 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,300Open or private sale51,101$176.78$229,814.00$9,033,634.78
6th July 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.3,200Open or private sale52,401$176.10$563,520.00$9,227,816.10
6th July 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.500Open or private sale55,601$174.81$87,405.00$9,719,610.81
6th July 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,000Conversion of derivative56,101$0.00
6th July 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.4,000Conversion of derivative55,101$0.00
7th August 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.6,950Open or private sale44,601$118.61$824,339.50$5,290,124.61
7th August 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,100Exercise of derivative51,551$68.26$75,086.00$3,518,871.26
7th August 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,600Exercise of derivative50,451$27.09$43,344.00$1,366,717.59
7th August 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,000Conversion of derivative48,851$0.00
7th August 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.600Open or private sale47,851$116.63$69,978.00$5,580,862.13
7th August 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.4,576Open or private sale48,451$115.18$527,063.68$5,580,586.18
7th August 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.5,176Conversion of derivative53,027$0.00
2nd September 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.8,250Open or private sale41,351$123.80$1,021,350.00$5,119,253.80
2nd September 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,100Exercise of derivative49,601$68.26$75,086.00$3,385,764.26
2nd September 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.1,600Exercise of derivative48,501$27.09$43,344.00$1,313,892.09
2nd September 2020AYX - Alteryx, Inc.2,300Conversion of derivative46,901$0.00