Jen Hsun Huang, President and CEO

NVDA 1,265,351 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jen Hsun Huang is at least $633,409,403.58. Jen Hsun Huang owns over 1,265,351 units of NVIDIA Corp. stock worth over $633,409,403.58.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
16th September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.5,347Payment by withholding1,265,351$500.58$2,676,601.26$633,409,403.58
18th December 2018NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.24,000Bona fide gift15,784,382$0.00
18th December 2018NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.48,000Bona fide gift15,808,382$0.00
15th February 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.18,639Sale back to the issuer1,396,190$0.00
8th March 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.33,000Grant/award etc.1,495,247$0.00
8th March 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.66,000Grant/award etc.1,462,190$0.00
20th March 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.115,359Payment by withholding1,379,888$174.40$20,118,609.60$240,652,467.20
24th May 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.1,251,950Bona fide gift1,251,950$0.00
24th May 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.625,975Bona fide gift0$0.00
4th April 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.126,038Bona fide gift15,910,420$0.00
4th April 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.8,344Bona fide gift748,012$0.00
4th April 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.54,675Bona fide gift625,975$0.00
19th June 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.4,002Payment by withholding1,375,886$153.12$612,786.24$210,675,664.32
20th September 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.91,870Bona fide gift15,772,615$0.00
19th September 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.45,935Bona fide gift15,864,485$0.00
18th September 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.21,665Payment by withholding1,354,335$179.98$3,899,266.70$243,753,213.30
11th December 2019NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.4,002Payment by withholding1,350,333$217.34$869,794.68$293,481,374.22
18th February 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.22,611Sale back to the issuer1,327,722$0.00
18th March 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.51,813Payment by withholding1,275,909$202.82$10,508,712.66$258,779,863.38
17th June 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.5,347Payment by withholding1,270,600$369.44$1,975,395.68$469,410,464.00
10th June 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.1,244Bona fide gift15,773,859$0.00
10th June 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.622Bona fide gift747,390$0.00
1st July 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.300Open or private sale1,270,600$382.94$114,882.00$486,563,564.00
1st July 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.15,033Open or private sale1,270,900$382.20$5,745,612.60$485,737,980.00
1st July 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.39,064Open or private sale1,285,933$381.39$14,898,618.96$490,441,986.87
1st July 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.21,392Open or private sale1,324,997$380.47$8,139,014.24$504,121,608.59
1st July 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.7,612Open or private sale1,346,389$379.34$2,887,536.08$510,739,203.26
1st July 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.11,096Open or private sale1,354,001$378.50$4,199,836.00$512,489,378.50
1st July 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.5,503Open or private sale1,365,097$377.48$2,077,272.44$515,296,815.56
1st July 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.100,000Exercise of derivative1,370,600$10.56$1,056,000.00$14,473,536.00
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.900Open or private sale1,270,600$495.87$446,283.00$630,052,422.00
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.8,434Open or private sale1,271,500$495.21$4,176,601.14$629,659,515.00
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.17,416Open or private sale1,279,934$494.34$8,609,425.44$632,722,573.56
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.10,197Open or private sale1,297,350$493.37$5,030,893.89$640,073,569.50
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.7,007Open or private sale1,307,547$492.34$3,449,826.38$643,757,689.98
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.4,236Open or private sale1,314,554$491.17$2,080,596.12$645,669,488.18
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.9,712Open or private sale1,318,790$490.23$4,761,113.76$646,510,421.70
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.6,889Open or private sale1,328,502$489.15$3,369,754.35$649,836,753.30
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.9,297Open or private sale1,335,391$488.25$4,539,260.25$652,004,655.75
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.5,404Open or private sale1,344,688$487.13$2,632,450.52$655,037,865.44
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.3,507Open or private sale1,350,092$485.81$1,703,735.67$655,888,194.52
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.1,400Open or private sale1,353,599$485.20$679,280.00$656,766,234.80
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.5,001Open or private sale1,354,999$483.94$2,420,183.94$655,738,216.06
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.4,100Open or private sale1,360,000$482.94$1,980,054.00$656,798,400.00
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.600Open or private sale1,364,100$481.91$289,146.00$657,373,431.00
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.1,200Open or private sale1,364,700$480.40$576,480.00$655,601,880.00
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.400Open or private sale1,365,900$479.79$191,916.00$655,345,161.00
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.600Open or private sale1,366,300$477.77$286,662.00$652,777,151.00
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.2,100Open or private sale1,366,900$476.72$1,001,112.00$651,628,568.00
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.500Open or private sale1,369,000$475.67$237,835.00$651,192,230.00
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.400Open or private sale1,369,500$474.26$189,704.00$649,499,070.00
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.700Open or private sale1,369,900$473.47$331,429.00$648,606,553.00
17th August 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.100,000Exercise of derivative1,370,600$10.56$1,056,000.00$14,473,536.00
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.1Open or private sale1,270,698$559.78$559.78$711,311,326.44
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.400Open or private sale1,270,699$558.97$223,588.00$710,282,620.03
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.789Open or private sale1,271,099$557.53$439,891.17$708,675,825.47
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.900Open or private sale1,271,888$556.43$500,787.00$707,716,639.84
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.848Open or private sale1,272,788$555.44$471,013.12$706,957,366.72
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.1,356Open or private sale1,273,636$554.44$751,820.64$706,154,743.84
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.3,874Open or private sale1,274,992$553.28$2,143,406.72$705,427,573.76
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.13,629Open or private sale1,278,866$552.37$7,528,250.73$706,407,212.42
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.9,523Open or private sale1,292,495$551.43$5,251,267.89$712,720,517.85
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.6,210Open or private sale1,302,018$550.40$3,417,984.00$716,630,707.20
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.3,419Open or private sale1,308,228$549.42$1,878,466.98$718,766,627.76
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.1,700Open or private sale1,311,647$548.30$932,110.00$719,176,050.10
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.700Open or private sale1,313,347$547.09$382,963.00$718,519,010.23
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.600Open or private sale1,314,047$546.20$327,720.00$717,732,471.40
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.1,300Open or private sale1,314,647$545.18$708,734.00$716,719,251.46
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.300Open or private sale1,315,947$543.68$163,104.00$715,454,064.96
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.200Open or private sale1,316,247$542.43$108,486.00$713,971,860.21
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.600Open or private sale1,316,447$541.44$324,864.00$712,777,063.68
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.1,200Open or private sale1,317,047$540.64$648,768.00$712,048,290.08
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.1,650Open or private sale1,318,247$539.69$890,488.50$711,444,723.43
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.800Open or private sale1,319,897$538.64$430,912.00$710,949,320.08
1st September 2020NVDA - NVIDIA Corp.49,999Exercise of derivative1,320,697$10.56$527,989.44$13,946,560.32