Thomas G Jr Snead

TG 23,326 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Thomas G Jr Snead is at least $389,544.20. Thomas G Jr Snead owns over 23,326 units of Tredegar Corp. stock worth over $389,544.20.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
31st December 2020TG - Tredegar Corp.845Grant/award etc.23,326$16.70$14,111.50$389,544.20
1st December 2020UBSH - Union Bankshares Corp.418Grant/award etc.4,841.968$0.00
11th November 2020UBSH - Union Bankshares Corp.10,467Bona fide gift37,322$0.00
11th November 2020UBSH - Union Bankshares Corp.10,467Bona fide gift4,423.968$0.00
30th September 2020TG - Tredegar Corp.949Grant/award etc.22,481$14.87$14,111.63$334,292.47
21st March 2019TG - Tredegar Corp.890Grant/award etc.16,634$15.86$14,115.40$263,815.24
21st March 2019TG - Tredegar Corp.652Grant/award etc.15,744$21.65$14,115.80$340,857.60
21st March 2019TG - Tredegar Corp.601Grant/award etc.15,092$23.50$14,123.50$354,662.00
1st March 2019UBSH - Union Bankshares Corp.351Grant/award etc.39,098$0.00
1st June 2019UBSH - Union Bankshares Corp.387Grant/award etc.39,485$0.00
29th March 2019TG - Tredegar Corp.875Grant/award etc.17,509$16.14$14,122.50$282,595.26
3rd September 2019UBSH - Union Bankshares Corp.346Grant/award etc.39,831$0.00
28th June 2019TG - Tredegar Corp.849Grant/award etc.18,358$16.62$14,110.38$305,109.96
2nd December 2019UBSH - Union Bankshares Corp.331Grant/award etc.40,162$0.00
30th September 2019TG - Tredegar Corp.723Grant/award etc.19,081$19.52$14,112.96$372,461.12
2nd March 2020UBSH - Union Bankshares Corp.420Grant/award etc.40,668.964$0.00
31st December 2019TG - Tredegar Corp.631Grant/award etc.19,712$22.35$14,102.85$440,563.20
1st June 2020UBSH - Union Bankshares Corp.540Grant/award etc.41,208.968$0.00
31st March 2020TG - Tredegar Corp.903Grant/award etc.20,615$15.63$14,113.89$322,212.45
1st September 2020UBSH - Union Bankshares Corp.537Grant/award etc.14,890.968$0.00
30th June 2020TG - Tredegar Corp.917Grant/award etc.21,532$15.40$14,121.80$331,592.80