Bradford L Smith

MSFT 955,046 shares
NFLX 6,499 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Bradford L Smith is at least $109,148,482.40. Bradford L Smith owns over 955,046 units of Microsoft Corp. stock worth over $107,127,509.82.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th February 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.9,608Payment by withholding955,046$112.17$1,077,729.36$107,127,509.82
14th September 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.27,935Grant/award etc.913,482$0.00
3rd April 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.8,405Bona fide gift946,742$0.00
30th April 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.192,300Open or private sale754,442$130.34$25,064,208.93$98,333,291.28
8th August 2019NFLX - Netflix, Inc.300Open or private purchase6,499$310.97$93,290.01$2,020,972.58
8th August 2019NFLX - Netflix, Inc.400Open or private purchase6,199$310.23$124,092.00$1,923,115.77
8th August 2019NFLX - Netflix, Inc.1,407Open or private purchase5,799$309.02$434,784.95$1,791,981.46
8th August 2019NFLX - Netflix, Inc.3,593Open or private purchase4,392$308.18$1,107,276.01$1,353,508.55
8th August 2019NFLX - Netflix, Inc.799Open or private purchase799$307.21$245,457.43$245,457.43
3rd September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.69,193Payment by withholding825,660$137.86$9,538,946.98$113,825,487.60
3rd September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.140,233Grant/award etc.894,764$0.00
18th September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.33,368Grant/award etc.859,028$0.00
4th December 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.14,000Bona fide gift845,058$0.00
2nd March 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.7,524Payment by withholding837,534$162.01$1,218,963.24$135,688,883.34
17th August 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.12,500Bona fide gift885,547$0.00
31st August 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.57,435Payment by withholding898,047$228.91$13,147,445.85$205,571,938.77
31st August 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.117,962Grant/award etc.955,482$0.00