Charles T Doyle

QTWO 32,270 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Charles T Doyle is at least $419,510.00. Charles T Doyle owns over 32,270 units of Q2 Holdings, Inc. stock worth over $419,510.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
22nd February 2021QTWO - Q2 Holdings, Inc.9,615Exercise of derivative32,270$13.00$124,995.00$419,510.00
22nd February 2021QTWO - Q2 Holdings, Inc.12,500Exercise of derivative22,655$1.74$21,750.00$39,419.70
11th June 2019QTWO - Q2 Holdings, Inc.2,314Grant/award etc.8,184$0.00
5th February 2020QTWO - Q2 Holdings, Inc.2,245Open or private sale147,755$90.00$202,050.00$13,297,950.00
20th February 2020QTWO - Q2 Holdings, Inc.15,000Open or private sale120,000$92.50$1,387,500.00$11,100,000.00
20th February 2020QTWO - Q2 Holdings, Inc.12,755Open or private sale135,000$90.00$1,147,950.00$12,150,000.00
9th June 2020QTWO - Q2 Holdings, Inc.1,971Grant/award etc.10,155$0.00
13th July 2020QTWO - Q2 Holdings, Inc.1,267Open or private sale118,733$92.00$116,564.00$10,923,436.00
20th July 2020QTWO - Q2 Holdings, Inc.18,733Open or private sale100,000$92.00$1,723,436.00$9,200,000.00
1st September 2020QTWO - Q2 Holdings, Inc.25,000Open or private sale75,000$100.00$2,500,000.00$7,500,000.00