Don H Liu, Executive Officer

TGT 45,192 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Don H Liu is at least $3,440,918.88. Don H Liu owns over 45,192 units of Target Corp. stock worth over $3,440,918.88.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
13th March 2019TGT - Target Corp.9,738Grant/award etc.54,930$0.00
12th March 2019TGT - Target Corp.1,487Payment by withholding45,192$76.14$113,220.18$3,440,918.88
12th March 2019TGT - Target Corp.1,220Grant/award etc.46,679$0.00
9th April 2019TGT - Target Corp.6,160Payment by withholding60,580$80.88$498,220.80$4,899,710.40
9th April 2019TGT - Target Corp.13,508Grant/award etc.66,740$0.00
22nd August 2019TGT - Target Corp.7,167Payment by withholding45,921$104.95$752,176.65$4,819,408.95
21st August 2019TGT - Target Corp.4,140Open or private sale53,088$99.92$413,668.80$5,304,552.96
11th September 2019TGT - Target Corp.45Payment by withholding41,890$108.70$4,891.50$4,553,443.00
8th October 2019TGT - Target Corp.2,000Open or private sale39,890$110.00$220,000.00$4,387,900.00
20th November 2019TGT - Target Corp.2,274Open or private sale37,616$122.20$277,882.80$4,596,675.20
11th March 2020TGT - Target Corp.4,138Payment by withholding45,284$105.70$437,386.60$4,786,518.80
11th March 2020TGT - Target Corp.4,873Grant/award etc.49,422$0.00
11th March 2020TGT - Target Corp.7,128Grant/award etc.44,549$0.00
23rd November 2019TGT - Target Corp.500Bona fide gift37,116$0.00
7th April 2020TGT - Target Corp.13,792Payment by withholding61,736$99.35$1,370,235.20$6,133,471.60
7th April 2020TGT - Target Corp.30,244Grant/award etc.75,528$0.00
30th June 2020TGT - Target Corp.4,000Open or private sale57,865$120.00$480,000.00$6,943,800.00
15th July 2020TGT - Target Corp.34,627Payment by withholding72,330$121.31$4,200,601.37$8,774,352.30
15th July 2020TGT - Target Corp.49,092Exercise of derivative106,957$55.60$2,729,515.20$5,946,809.20
24th July 2020TGT - Target Corp.4,000Open or private sale68,330$125.00$500,000.00$8,541,250.00
3rd August 2020TGT - Target Corp.34,124Payment by withholding83,298$126.50$4,316,686.00$10,537,197.00
3rd August 2020TGT - Target Corp.49,092Exercise of derivative117,422$55.60$2,729,515.20$6,528,663.20
5th August 2020TGT - Target Corp.33,743Payment by withholding90,647$130.75$4,411,897.25$11,852,095.25
5th August 2020TGT - Target Corp.49,092Exercise of derivative124,390$55.60$2,729,515.20$6,916,084.00
4th August 2020TGT - Target Corp.8,000Open or private sale75,298$130.00$1,040,000.00$9,788,740.00
25th August 2020TGT - Target Corp.2,487Open or private sale80,991$154.28$383,694.36$12,495,291.48
24th August 2020TGT - Target Corp.654Bona fide gift83,478$0.00