Dean S Adler

ACI 386,099 shares
SAFE 617,896 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Dean S Adler is at least $37,910,406.30. Dean S Adler owns over 386,099 units of Albertsons Companies, Inc. stock worth over $5,896,349.49.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
13th May 2020SAFE - Safehold Inc.5,500Other acquisition or disposition0$0.00
13th May 2020SAFE - Safehold Inc.5,500Grant/award etc.0$0.00
30th June 2020ACI - Albertsons Companies, Inc.45,316Open or private sale386,099$15.27$692,047.83$5,896,349.49
30th June 2020ACI - Albertsons Companies, Inc.3,891,650Open or private sale33,157,624$15.27$59,431,722.14$506,369,970.68
30th June 2020ACI - Albertsons Companies, Inc.506,443Open or private sale4,314,996$15.27$7,734,194.92$65,896,892.91
30th June 2020ACI - Albertsons Companies, Inc.854,518Open or private sale7,280,654$15.27$13,049,857.09$111,187,235.63
30th June 2020ACI - Albertsons Companies, Inc.55,640Open or private sale474,065$15.27$849,711.82$7,239,731.05
30th June 2020ACI - Albertsons Companies, Inc.1,468,900Open or private sale12,515,316$15.27$22,432,453.24$191,128,899.83
9th May 2019SAFE - Safehold Inc.10,000Grant/award etc.780,000$0.00
10th August 2020SAFE - Safehold Inc.90,104Open or private sale617,896$51.81$4,668,414.39$32,014,056.81
7th August 2020SAFE - Safehold Inc.43,500Open or private sale708,000$51.13$2,224,102.80$36,199,190.40
6th August 2020SAFE - Safehold Inc.34,000Open or private sale751,500$51.02$1,734,615.40$38,340,102.15
13th August 2020SAFE - Safehold Inc.19,074Open or private sale516,426$53.66$1,023,539.45$27,712,193.80
12th August 2020SAFE - Safehold Inc.22,000Open or private sale535,500$53.18$1,170,028.20$28,479,550.05
11th August 2020SAFE - Safehold Inc.60,396Open or private sale557,500$53.70$3,243,434.31$29,939,311.00
17th August 2020SAFE - Safehold Inc.18,556Open or private sale491,644$53.79$998,080.85$26,444,301.65
14th August 2020SAFE - Safehold Inc.6,226Open or private sale510,200$53.56$333,452.11$27,325,291.60
25th August 2020SAFE - Safehold Inc.12,500Open or private sale435,500$51.89$648,600.00$22,597,224.00
24th August 2020SAFE - Safehold Inc.37,500Open or private sale448,000$51.37$1,926,438.75$23,014,521.60
21st August 2020SAFE - Safehold Inc.6,144Open or private sale485,500$51.53$316,579.43$25,016,164.30