Darren R Jackson

CREE 34,425 shares
FAST 48,000 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Darren R Jackson is at least $3,883,287.45. Darren R Jackson owns over 34,425 units of Cree, Inc. stock worth over $2,176,004.25.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
29th October 2020CREE - Cree, Inc.514Grant/award etc.34,425$63.21$32,489.94$2,176,004.25
1st September 2019CREE - Cree, Inc.3,217Grant/award etc.37,050$0.00
5th December 2019CREE - Cree, Inc.7,750Other acquisition or disposition7,750$0.00
5th December 2019CREE - Cree, Inc.7,750Bona fide gift29,300$0.00
23rd January 2020FAST - Fastenal Co.18,000Open or private purchase48,000$35.57$640,231.20$1,707,283.20
30th January 2020CREE - Cree, Inc.693Grant/award etc.29,993$46.86$32,473.98$1,405,471.98
30th April 2020CREE - Cree, Inc.753Grant/award etc.30,746$43.13$32,476.89$1,326,074.98
19th August 2020CREE - Cree, Inc.513Grant/award etc.31,259$63.31$32,478.03$1,979,007.29
1st September 2020CREE - Cree, Inc.2,652Grant/award etc.33,911$0.00