Elizabeth H Weatherman

WNGI 0 shares
VAPO 47,786 shares
SILK 70,544 shares
NVRO 14,883 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Elizabeth H Weatherman is at least $2,922,254.64. Elizabeth H Weatherman owns over 0 units of Wright Medical Group N.V. stock worth over $0.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
11th November 2020WNGI - Wright Medical Group N.V.38,084Disposition due to a tender of shares in a change of control transaction0$30.75$1,171,083.00$0.00
14th October 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.500Grant/award etc.47,786$29.95$14,975.00$1,431,190.70
30th September 2020NVRO - Nevro Corp.123Grant/award etc.16,626$0.00
1st February 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.390Grant/award etc.32,550$16.69$6,509.10$543,259.50
19th March 2019NVRO - Nevro Corp.651Grant/award etc.651$0.00
4th April 2019SILK - Silk Road Medical, Inc.174Exercise of derivative70,544$8.27$1,438.98$583,398.88
4th April 2019SILK - Silk Road Medical, Inc.70,370Exercise of derivative70,370$1.60$112,592.00$112,592.00
8th April 2019SILK - Silk Road Medical, Inc.40,970Conversion of derivative275,394$0.00
8th April 2019SILK - Silk Road Medical, Inc.163,880Conversion of derivative234,424$0.00
12th April 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.778Grant/award etc.33,328$19.28$14,999.84$642,563.84
20th May 2019NVRO - Nevro Corp.6,049Grant/award etc.6,700$0.00
7th June 2019NVRO - Nevro Corp.2,460Open or private purchase14,883$60.99$150,027.28$907,665.06
6th June 2019NVRO - Nevro Corp.4,128Open or private purchase12,423$61.45$253,677.16$763,428.13
6th June 2019NVRO - Nevro Corp.1,595Open or private purchase8,295$60.99$97,276.98$505,901.27
17th July 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.773Grant/award etc.34,101$19.40$14,996.20$661,559.40
8th March 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.37,316Other acquisition or disposition37,316$16.08$600,041.28$600,041.28
6th August 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.30,000Open or private purchase64,101$14.50$435,000.00$929,464.50
5th September 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.2,457Open or private purchase68,148$10.93$26,855.01$744,857.64
4th September 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.3,531Open or private purchase65,691$10.29$36,333.99$675,960.39
6th September 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.8,382Open or private purchase76,530$11.38$95,387.16$870,911.40
26th July 2019WNGI - Wright Medical Group N.V.3,357Grant/award etc.23,084$26.81$90,001.17$618,882.04
26th July 2019WNGI - Wright Medical Group N.V.3,916Grant/award etc.19,727$0.00
15th August 2019WNGI - Wright Medical Group N.V.15,000Open or private purchase38,084$20.87$313,050.00$794,813.08
16th October 2019VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.1,491Grant/award etc.40,748$10.06$14,999.46$409,924.88
2nd January 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.1,290Grant/award etc.42,038$0.00
31st March 2020NVRO - Nevro Corp.172Grant/award etc.15,055$0.00
15th April 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.831Grant/award etc.42,869$18.04$14,991.24$773,356.76
21st May 2020NVRO - Nevro Corp.1,376Grant/award etc.16,431$0.00
30th June 2020NVRO - Nevro Corp.72Grant/award etc.16,503$0.00
8th July 2020SILK - Silk Road Medical, Inc.644Grant/award etc.276,038$0.00
15th July 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.299Grant/award etc.43,168$50.09$14,976.91$2,162,285.12
1st September 2020VAPO - Vapotherm, Inc.4,118Grant/award etc.47,286$0.00