Robert D Beyer

LUK 102,556 shares
KR 206,800 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Robert D Beyer is at least $7,576,872.88. Robert D Beyer owns over 102,556 units of LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP stock worth over $1,931,129.48.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th March 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP10,090Grant/award etc.102,556$18.83$189,994.70$1,931,129.48
2nd January 2019KR - The Kroger Co.23,922Open or private sale206,800$27.30$653,082.56$5,645,743.40
31st December 2018KR - The Kroger Co.26,078Open or private sale230,722$27.46$716,185.33$6,336,364.43
19th March 2019KR - The Kroger Co.80,000Open or private sale126,800$24.52$1,961,560.00$3,109,072.60
31st May 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP71Grant/award etc.102,627$17.67$1,254.57$1,813,419.09
30th August 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP68Grant/award etc.102,696$18.64$1,267.52$1,914,253.44
11th October 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP701Grant/award etc.103,397$18.07$12,667.07$1,868,383.79
29th November 2019LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP65Grant/award etc.103,462$20.90$1,358.50$2,162,355.80
28th February 2020LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP84Grant/award etc.103,546$19.71$1,655.64$2,040,891.66
17th April 2020LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP14,393Grant/award etc.117,939$13.20$189,987.60$1,556,794.80
29th May 2020LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP261Grant/award etc.118,200$14.65$3,823.65$1,731,630.00
28th August 2020LUK - LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORP217Grant/award etc.118,417$17.79$3,860.43$2,106,638.43