John J Zillmer, Chief Executive Officer

ARMK 439,814.419 shares
CSX 167,388 shares
ECL 29,235.95 shares

The estimated Net Worth of John J Zillmer is at least $28,135,701.22. John J Zillmer owns over 439,814.419 units of Aramark stock worth over $15,609,013.73.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
21st November 2020ARMK - Aramark4,674Payment by withholding439,814.419$35.49$165,880.26$15,609,013.73
30th September 2020ECL - Ecolab Inc.143.85Grant/award etc.33,986.25$0.00
31st December 2018ECL - Ecolab Inc.196.88Grant/award etc.24,035.95$0.00
6th February 2019CSX - CSX Corp.3,731Grant/award etc.167,388$68.09$254,043.79$11,397,448.92
6th February 2019CSX - CSX Corp.2,426Grant/award etc.163,657$68.09$165,186.34$11,143,405.13
11th February 2019ECL - Ecolab Inc.5,200Exercise of derivative29,235.95$38.63$200,850.00$1,129,238.57
31st March 2019ECL - Ecolab Inc.163.33Grant/award etc.29,431.81$0.00
24th April 2019VRTV - Veritiv Corp.4,946Grant/award etc.11,773$0.00
30th June 2019ECL - Ecolab Inc.147.58Grant/award etc.29,606.3$0.00
30th September 2019ECL - Ecolab Inc.144.96Grant/award etc.29,776.58$0.00
21st November 2019ARMK - Aramark35,000Open or private purchase236,030$42.68$1,493,852.50$10,074,114.45
21st November 2019ARMK - Aramark44,780Grant/award etc.201,030$0.00
9th December 2019ARMK - Aramark116.504Grant/award etc.236,146.504$0.00
31st December 2019ECL - Ecolab Inc.149.69Grant/award etc.29,952.53$0.00
12th February 2020CSX - CSX Corp.3,425Grant/award etc.173,039$79.49$272,253.25$13,754,870.11
12th February 2020CSX - CSX Corp.2,226Grant/award etc.169,614$79.49$176,944.74$13,482,616.86
20th February 2020ECL - Ecolab Inc.1,026Payment by withholding33,426.53$208.13$213,539.33$6,956,996.84
20th February 2020ECL - Ecolab Inc.4,500Exercise of derivative34,452.53$47.48$213,637.50$1,635,633.86
27th February 2020ARMK - Aramark138.492Grant/award etc.236,284.996$0.00
11th March 2020ARMK - Aramark40,000Open or private purchase276,284.996$25.82$1,032,652.00$7,132,656.34
31st March 2020ECL - Ecolab Inc.197.74Grant/award etc.33,652.06$0.00
2nd June 2020ARMK - Aramark186.656Grant/award etc.276,471.652$0.00
30th June 2020ECL - Ecolab Inc.133.09Grant/award etc.33,815.8$0.00
24th July 2020CSX - CSX Corp.20,500Open or private sale152,539$72.13$1,478,665.00$11,002,638.07
2nd September 2020ARMK - Aramark171.767Grant/award etc.276,643.419$0.00
4th September 2020ARMK - Aramark167,845Grant/award etc.444,488.419$0.00