Michael D Fleisher, Chief Financial Officer

W 101,746 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michael D Fleisher is at least $31,322,506.10. Michael D Fleisher owns over 101,746 units of Wayfair Inc. stock worth over $31,322,506.10.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
19th January 2021W - Wayfair Inc.753Open or private sale101,746$307.85$231,811.05$31,322,506.10
19th January 2021W - Wayfair Inc.547Open or private sale102,499$306.90$167,874.30$31,456,943.10
19th January 2021W - Wayfair Inc.700Open or private sale103,046$305.91$214,137.00$31,522,801.86
19th January 2021W - Wayfair Inc.2,500Open or private sale103,746$304.67$761,675.00$31,608,293.82
19th January 2021W - Wayfair Inc.700Open or private sale106,246$303.52$212,464.00$32,247,785.92
19th January 2021W - Wayfair Inc.66Open or private sale106,946$300.53$19,834.98$32,140,481.38
19th January 2021W - Wayfair Inc.268Open or private sale107,012$295.18$79,108.24$31,587,802.16
15th January 2021W - Wayfair Inc.13,750Exercise of derivative107,280$0.00
23rd October 2020W - Wayfair Inc.750Open or private sale96,530$266.55$199,912.50$25,730,071.50
22nd October 2020W - Wayfair Inc.750Open or private sale97,280$270.00$202,500.00$26,265,600.00
16th October 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,626Open or private sale98,030$301.43$490,125.18$29,549,182.90
16th October 2020W - Wayfair Inc.3,325Open or private sale99,656$300.32$998,564.00$29,928,689.92
16th October 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,100Open or private sale102,981$299.06$328,966.00$30,797,497.86
15th October 2020W - Wayfair Inc.13,750Exercise of derivative104,081$0.00
15th January 2019W - Wayfair Inc.4,986Open or private sale132,678$92.74$462,401.64$12,304,557.72
15th January 2019W - Wayfair Inc.13,750Exercise of derivative137,664$0.00
19th February 2019W - Wayfair Inc.1,900Open or private sale130,778$124.04$235,676.00$16,221,703.12
22nd February 2019W - Wayfair Inc.800Open or private sale119,918$155.38$124,304.00$18,632,858.84
22nd February 2019W - Wayfair Inc.1,400Open or private sale120,718$154.25$215,950.00$18,620,751.50
22nd February 2019W - Wayfair Inc.700Open or private sale122,118$152.78$106,946.00$18,657,188.04
22nd February 2019W - Wayfair Inc.800Open or private sale122,818$151.36$121,088.00$18,589,732.48
22nd February 2019W - Wayfair Inc.3,060Open or private sale123,618$150.33$460,009.80$18,583,493.94
22nd February 2019W - Wayfair Inc.3,900Open or private sale126,678$149.42$582,738.00$18,928,226.76
22nd February 2019W - Wayfair Inc.200Open or private sale130,578$142.22$28,444.00$18,570,803.16
15th March 2019W - Wayfair Inc.478Open or private sale120,173$164.01$78,396.78$19,709,573.73
15th March 2019W - Wayfair Inc.1,043Exercise of derivative120,651$0.00
28th February 2019W - Wayfair Inc.310Bona fide gift119,608$0.00
15th April 2019W - Wayfair Inc.6,290Open or private sale127,633$145.00$912,050.00$18,506,785.00
15th April 2019W - Wayfair Inc.13,750Exercise of derivative133,923$0.00
15th June 2019W - Wayfair Inc.477Open or private sale128,198$156.06$74,440.62$20,006,579.88
15th June 2019W - Wayfair Inc.1,042Exercise of derivative128,675$0.00
1st July 2019W - Wayfair Inc.750Open or private sale127,448$149.38$112,035.00$19,038,182.24
9th July 2019W - Wayfair Inc.750Open or private sale126,698$147.28$110,460.00$18,660,081.44
15th July 2019W - Wayfair Inc.6,290Open or private sale134,158$148.75$935,637.50$19,956,002.50
15th July 2019W - Wayfair Inc.13,750Exercise of derivative140,448$0.00
15th September 2019W - Wayfair Inc.478Open or private sale134,723$129.38$61,843.64$17,430,461.74
15th September 2019W - Wayfair Inc.1,043Exercise of derivative135,201$0.00
15th October 2019W - Wayfair Inc.6,291Open or private sale142,182$105.14$661,435.74$14,949,015.48
15th October 2019W - Wayfair Inc.13,750Exercise of derivative148,473$0.00
16th December 2019W - Wayfair Inc.479Open or private sale142,745$87.00$41,673.00$12,418,815.00
15th December 2019W - Wayfair Inc.1,042Exercise of derivative143,224$0.00
16th January 2020W - Wayfair Inc.4,726Open or private sale151,769$106.17$501,759.42$16,113,314.73
15th January 2020W - Wayfair Inc.13,750Exercise of derivative156,495$0.00
17th March 2020W - Wayfair Inc.457Open or private sale152,355$30.97$14,153.29$4,718,434.35
15th March 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,043Exercise of derivative152,812$0.00
17th April 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,854Open or private sale158,055$89.00$165,006.00$14,066,895.00
16th April 2020W - Wayfair Inc.907Open or private sale159,909$81.16$73,612.12$12,978,214.44
16th April 2020W - Wayfair Inc.2,950Open or private sale160,816$80.14$236,413.00$12,887,794.24
16th April 2020W - Wayfair Inc.2,339Open or private sale163,766$78.90$184,547.10$12,921,137.40
15th April 2020W - Wayfair Inc.13,750Exercise of derivative166,105$0.00
27th April 2020W - Wayfair Inc.10,081Open or private sale146,460$124.00$1,250,044.00$18,161,040.00
24th April 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,514Open or private sale156,541$109.00$165,026.00$17,062,969.00
7th May 2020W - Wayfair Inc.2,000Bona fide gift118,444$0.00
5th May 2020W - Wayfair Inc.26,016Open or private sale120,444$174.32$4,535,109.12$20,995,798.08
20th May 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,684Open or private sale115,076$167.93$282,794.12$19,324,712.68
19th May 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,684Open or private sale116,760$156.20$263,040.80$18,237,912.00
16th June 2020W - Wayfair Inc.300Open or private sale115,660$196.91$59,073.00$22,774,610.60
16th June 2020W - Wayfair Inc.4Open or private sale115,960$194.42$777.68$22,544,943.20
16th June 2020W - Wayfair Inc.154Open or private sale115,964$193.51$29,800.54$22,440,193.64
15th June 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,042Exercise of derivative116,118$0.00
1st July 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,684Open or private sale110,608$197.32$332,286.88$21,825,170.56
30th June 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,684Open or private sale112,292$201.33$339,039.72$22,607,748.36
29th June 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,684Open or private sale113,976$200.90$338,315.60$22,897,778.40
2nd July 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,684Open or private sale108,924$220.00$370,480.00$23,963,280.00
6th July 2020W - Wayfair Inc.10,000Open or private sale98,924$223.00$2,230,000.00$22,060,052.00
16th July 2020W - Wayfair Inc.800Open or private sale106,492$216.53$173,224.00$23,058,712.76
16th July 2020W - Wayfair Inc.2,281Open or private sale107,292$215.49$491,532.69$23,120,353.08
16th July 2020W - Wayfair Inc.2,469Open or private sale109,573$214.43$529,427.67$23,495,738.39
16th July 2020W - Wayfair Inc.632Open or private sale112,042$213.84$135,146.88$23,959,061.28
15th July 2020W - Wayfair Inc.13,750Exercise of derivative112,674$0.00
30th July 2020W - Wayfair Inc.10,000Open or private sale96,492$248.00$2,480,000.00$23,930,016.00
13th August 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,684Open or private sale93,124$306.18$515,607.12$28,512,706.32
12th August 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,684Open or private sale94,808$309.87$521,821.08$29,378,154.96
3rd September 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,684Open or private sale89,756$288.13$485,210.92$25,861,396.28
2nd September 2020W - Wayfair Inc.1,684Open or private sale91,440$310.94$523,622.96$28,432,353.60