Barbara Vaughn Scherer

NTGR 14,450 shares
ANSS 13,586 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Barbara Vaughn Scherer is at least $3,028,528.60. Barbara Vaughn Scherer owns over 14,450 units of NETGEAR, Inc. stock worth over $557,914.50.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
18th January 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.683Open or private sale14,450$38.61$26,370.63$557,914.50
12th March 2019ANSS - ANSYS, Inc.1,800Discretionary transaction13,586$181.85$327,330.00$2,470,614.10
17th May 2019ANSS - ANSYS, Inc.56Payment by withholding15,101$187.53$10,501.68$2,831,890.53
17th May 2019ANSS - ANSYS, Inc.1,571Grant/award etc.15,157$0.00
21st May 2019ANSS - ANSYS, Inc.300Open or private sale13,336$186.96$56,088.00$2,493,298.56
21st May 2019ANSS - ANSYS, Inc.1,465Open or private sale13,636$186.04$272,548.60$2,536,841.44
30th May 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.7,898Grant/award etc.22,348$0.00
31st May 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.2,000Open or private sale20,348$24.99$49,980.00$508,496.52
3rd June 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,308Open or private sale19,040$25.05$32,765.40$476,952.00
23rd May 2019UCTT - Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc.9,969Grant/award etc.34,899$0.00
13th November 2019ANSS - ANSYS, Inc.548Discretionary transaction12,788$227.93$124,905.64$2,914,768.84
6th December 2019ANSS - ANSYS, Inc.400Discretionary transaction11,788$256.00$102,400.00$3,017,728.00
5th December 2019ANSS - ANSYS, Inc.600Discretionary transaction12,188$253.74$152,244.00$3,092,583.12
17th May 2020ANSS - ANSYS, Inc.49Payment by withholding12,892$253.93$12,442.57$3,273,665.56
15th May 2020ANSS - ANSYS, Inc.1,153Grant/award etc.12,941$0.00
28th May 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.7,977Grant/award etc.27,017$0.00
2nd June 2020UCTT - Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc.6,301Grant/award etc.41,200$0.00
2nd September 2020ANSS - ANSYS, Inc.1,400Discretionary transaction11,492$350.59$490,826.00$4,028,980.28