Lee C Banks, President & COO

NDSN 17,252 shares
PH 111,606 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Lee C Banks is at least $23,700,574.16. Lee C Banks owns over 17,252 units of Nordson Corporation stock worth over $3,386,050.04.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
20th January 2021PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.86Bona fide gift549$0.00
7th December 2020WAB - Wabtec Corporation831Grant/award etc.4,981$0.00
2nd November 2020NDSN - Nordson Corporation662Grant/award etc.17,252$196.27$129,930.74$3,386,050.04
26th April 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.13,531Payment by withholding111,606$182.02$2,462,912.62$20,314,524.12
26th April 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.32,520Grant/award etc.125,137$0.00
11th September 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.10,817Open or private sale111,606$181.94$1,968,072.02$20,305,874.66
11th September 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.25,173Payment by withholding122,423$181.90$4,578,968.70$22,268,743.70
11th September 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.35,990Exercise of derivative147,596$81.86$2,946,141.40$12,082,208.56
11th September 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.18,989Open or private sale92,617$180.95$3,436,097.53$16,759,231.38
1st November 2019NDSN - Nordson Corporation812Grant/award etc.16,583$160.02$129,936.24$2,653,611.66
5th November 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.1,000Bona fide gift91,617$0.00
23rd March 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.960Bona fide gift90,657$0.00
27th April 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.13,173Payment by withholding108,824$134.95$1,777,696.35$14,685,798.80
27th April 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.31,340Grant/award etc.121,997$0.00
17th August 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.480Bona fide gift108,344$0.00
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.9,487Open or private sale108,344$213.55$2,025,978.26$23,137,197.07
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.25,353Payment by withholding117,831$213.59$5,415,147.27$25,167,523.29
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.34,840Exercise of derivative143,184$106.18$3,699,311.20$15,203,277.12