Timothy B Anderson

CERS 177,859 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Timothy B Anderson is at least $996,312.76. Timothy B Anderson owns over 177,859 units of Cerus Corp. stock worth over $996,312.76.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
4th June 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.10,223Exercise of derivative158,649$0.00
19th August 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.1,200Open or private sale177,859$5.60$6,722.04$996,312.76
19th August 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.2,518Exercise of derivative179,059$2.62$6,597.16$469,134.58
19th August 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.7,931Open or private sale176,541$5.55$44,017.05$979,802.55
19th August 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.16,487Exercise of derivative184,472$2.62$43,195.94$483,316.64
16th August 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.9,664Open or private sale167,985$5.25$50,736.00$881,921.25
16th August 2019CERS - Cerus Corp.19,000Exercise of derivative177,649$2.62$49,780.00$465,440.38
29th January 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.9,639Open or private purchase187,498$4.15$40,001.85$778,116.70
5th June 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.11,184Exercise of derivative198,682$0.00
7th August 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.10,223Open or private sale202,406$7.10$72,583.30$1,437,082.60
7th August 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.29,853Open or private sale212,629$7.12$212,568.29$1,514,024.79
7th August 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.43,800Exercise of derivative242,482$4.34$190,092.00$1,052,371.88
24th August 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.16,008Open or private sale210,101$7.90$126,463.20$1,659,797.90
24th August 2020CERS - Cerus Corp.23,703Exercise of derivative226,109$4.80$113,774.40$1,085,323.20