Richard J Wehrle, VP & Corporate Controller

ALG 17,856 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Richard J Wehrle is at least $1,865,952.00. Richard J Wehrle owns over 17,856 units of Alamo Group Inc. stock worth over $1,865,952.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
6th May 2019ALG - Alamo Group Inc.1,700Grant/award etc.18,104$0.00
9th May 2019ALG - Alamo Group Inc.248Payment by withholding17,856$104.50$25,916.00$1,865,952.00
13th May 2019ALG - Alamo Group Inc.59Payment by withholding17,797$104.84$6,185.56$1,865,837.48
21st June 2019ALG - Alamo Group Inc.700Open or private sale17,097$100.01$70,007.00$1,709,870.97
27th February 2020ALG - Alamo Group Inc.1,092Grant/award etc.18,189$0.00
9th May 2020ALG - Alamo Group Inc.248Payment by withholding17,838$98.65$24,465.20$1,759,718.70
6th May 2020ALG - Alamo Group Inc.103Payment by withholding18,086$93.06$9,585.18$1,683,083.16
5th August 2020ALG - Alamo Group Inc.300Open or private sale13,838$108.89$32,667.99$1,506,865.49
5th August 2020ALG - Alamo Group Inc.3,700Open or private sale14,138$107.82$398,936.22$1,524,367.64
25th August 2020ALG - Alamo Group Inc.5,000Exercise of derivative23,838$26.45$132,250.00$630,515.10
25th August 2020ALG - Alamo Group Inc.5,000Exercise of derivative18,838$42.70$213,500.00$804,382.60