Saul A Fox

GBLI 1,673,317 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Saul A Fox is at least $37,783,497.86. Saul A Fox owns over 1,673,317 units of Global Indemnity Limited stock worth over $37,783,497.86.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th September 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited8,304Grant/award etc.1,673,317$22.58$187,504.32$37,783,497.86
31st December 2018GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited2,535Grant/award etc.743,773$36.23$91,843.05$26,946,895.79
31st March 2019GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited5,350Grant/award etc.749,123$30.38$162,533.00$22,758,356.74
16th January 2019GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited428Bona fide gift748,695$33.59$14,376.52$25,148,665.05
30th June 2019GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited5,250Grant/award etc.753,945$30.96$162,540.00$23,342,137.20
30th September 2019GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited6,506Grant/award etc.760,451$24.97$162,454.82$18,988,461.47
31st December 2019GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited5,486Grant/award etc.765,937$29.63$162,550.18$22,694,713.31
31st March 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited6,422Grant/award etc.772,359$29.19$187,458.18$22,545,159.21
29th May 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited455Other acquisition or disposition293,715$0.00
29th May 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited1,060Other acquisition or disposition765,835$0.00
29th May 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited163,841Other acquisition or disposition0$0.00
29th May 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited140,266Other acquisition or disposition163,841$0.00
29th May 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited42,080Other acquisition or disposition254,431$0.00
29th May 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited98,186Other acquisition or disposition674,173$0.00
28th August 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited620,000Open or private purchase1,393,747$22.89$14,191,800.00$31,902,868.83
31st August 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited163,059Open or private purchase1,556,806$23.37$3,810,688.83$36,382,556.22
1st September 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited108,107Open or private purchase1,664,913$24.70$2,670,242.90$41,123,351.10
2nd September 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited100Open or private purchase1,665,013$26.61$2,661.00$44,305,995.93
30th June 2020GBLI - Global Indemnity Limited7,912Grant/award etc.773,747$23.70$187,514.40$18,337,803.90