Jesse C Crawford

CRDA CRDB 1,984,254 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jesse C Crawford is at least $13,786,795.22. Jesse C Crawford owns over 1,984,254 units of CRAWFORD & CO stock worth over $13,786,795.22.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
16th September 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO1,254Open or private purchase1,984,254$6.95$8,712.92$13,786,795.22
14th February 2019CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO9,127Grant/award etc.5,359,680$0.00
3rd June 2019CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO5,000Open or private purchase1,956,756$8.37$41,869.00$16,385,483.39
3rd June 2019CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO5,000Open or private purchase5,364,680$8.43$42,168.50$45,244,101.72
14th June 2019CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO5,000Open or private purchase1,961,756$8.45$42,232.00$16,569,775.88
15th September 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO323Open or private purchase1,983,000$6.94$2,241.62$13,762,020.00
14th September 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO921Open or private purchase1,982,677$6.95$6,404.27$13,786,742.79
13th February 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO9,944Grant/award etc.5,374,624$0.00
26th May 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO5,883Open or private purchase1,967,639$5.95$35,007.38$11,708,632.63
28th May 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO4,117Open or private purchase1,971,756$6.23$25,645.62$12,282,462.48
29th May 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO1,000Open or private purchase1,972,756$5.87$5,867.80$11,575,737.66
7th August 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO7,535Open or private purchase1,987,361$7.10$53,460.83$14,100,326.30
6th August 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO8,070Open or private purchase1,979,826$7.02$56,659.47$13,900,358.35
1st September 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO4,249Open or private purchase48,933$7.20$30,604.70$352,454.61
1st September 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO700Open or private purchase395,612$7.25$5,074.79$2,868,068.32
31st August 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO1,300Open or private purchase1,988,661$7.10$9,225.06$14,111,936.19
3rd September 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO543Open or private purchase396,155$7.18$3,896.73$2,842,927.13
8th September 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO95Open or private purchase1,988,756$7.09$673.55$14,100,280.04
4th September 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO8,757Open or private purchase404,912$7.25$63,488.25$2,935,612.00
9th September 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO3,567Open or private purchase54,684$7.30$26,039.10$399,193.20
8th September 2020CRDA CRDB - CRAWFORD & CO1,584Open or private purchase51,117$7.30$11,563.20$373,154.10