Paul J Fribourg

BG 133,649 shares
L 0 shares
EL 4,000 shares
QSR 114,862 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Paul J Fribourg is at least $17,865,394.18. Paul J Fribourg owns over 133,649 units of Bunge Ltd. stock worth over $7,909,347.82.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
31st December 2020QSR - Restaurant Brands International, Inc.2,405Grant/award etc.62,579$0.00
2nd December 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.31Grant/award etc.133,649$59.18$1,834.58$7,909,347.82
1st December 2020L - Loews Corp.139Open or private sale0$43.06$5,985.34$0.00
1st December 2020L - Loews Corp.1,361Sale back to the issuer139$42.96$58,468.56$5,971.44
1st December 2020L - Loews Corp.1,500Exercise of derivative1,500$38.99$58,485.00$58,485.00
17th November 2020EL - The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.4,234Open or private sale4,000$255.52$1,081,871.68$1,022,080.00
17th November 2020EL - The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.1,905Exercise of derivative8,234$190.99$363,835.95$1,572,611.66
17th November 2020EL - The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.2,329Exercise of derivative6,329$143.39$333,955.31$907,515.31
26th February 2019EL - The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.6,003Open or private sale4,000$156.52$939,589.56$626,080.00
26th February 2019EL - The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.2,906Exercise of derivative10,003$126.02$366,214.12$1,260,578.06
26th February 2019EL - The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.3,097Exercise of derivative7,097$78.36$242,680.92$556,120.92
4th March 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.10Grant/award etc.107,286$52.85$528.50$5,670,065.10
1st March 2019L - Loews Corp.820Open or private sale0$47.83$39,220.60$0.00
1st March 2019L - Loews Corp.680Sale back to the issuer820$47.89$32,565.20$39,269.80
1st March 2019L - Loews Corp.1,500Exercise of derivative1,500$21.74$32,610.00$32,610.00
29th December 2018QSR - Restaurant Brands International, Inc.2,692Grant/award etc.58,005$0.00
23rd May 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.2,688Grant/award etc.109,974$0.00
23rd May 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.19,750Open or private purchase129,724$50.94$1,006,132.15$6,608,581.62
3rd June 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.10Grant/award etc.129,734$53.28$532.80$6,912,227.52
3rd June 2019L - Loews Corp.706Open or private sale0$51.71$36,507.26$0.00
3rd June 2019L - Loews Corp.794Sale back to the issuer706$51.40$40,811.60$36,288.40
3rd June 2019L - Loews Corp.1,500Exercise of derivative1,500$27.21$40,815.00$40,815.00
3rd September 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.25Grant/award etc.129,759$53.08$1,327.00$6,887,607.72
3rd September 2019L - Loews Corp.411Open or private sale0$47.73$19,617.03$0.00
3rd September 2019L - Loews Corp.1,089Sale back to the issuer411$47.68$51,923.52$19,596.48
3rd September 2019L - Loews Corp.1,500Exercise of derivative1,500$34.64$51,960.00$51,960.00
27th August 2019QSR - Restaurant Brands International, Inc.52,000Open or private sale114,862$77.78$4,044,560.00$8,933,966.36
26th August 2019QSR - Restaurant Brands International, Inc.52,000Open or private sale166,862$76.88$3,997,760.00$12,828,350.56
27th August 2019QSR - Restaurant Brands International, Inc.400Open or private sale0$78.09$31,236.00$0.00
27th August 2019QSR - Restaurant Brands International, Inc.183,624Open or private sale400$77.55$14,240,041.20$31,020.00
26th August 2019QSR - Restaurant Brands International, Inc.200,000Open or private sale184,024$76.81$15,362,000.00$14,134,883.44
18th September 2019QSR - Restaurant Brands International, Inc.75,678Conversion of derivative75,678$0.00
2nd December 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.25Grant/award etc.129,784$53.61$1,340.25$6,957,720.24
2nd December 2019L - Loews Corp.428Open or private sale0$50.40$21,571.20$0.00
2nd December 2019L - Loews Corp.1,072Sale back to the issuer428$50.97$54,639.84$21,815.16
2nd December 2019L - Loews Corp.1,500Exercise of derivative1,500$36.45$54,675.00$54,675.00
29th December 2019QSR - Restaurant Brands International, Inc.2,169Grant/award etc.60,174$0.00
2nd March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.28Grant/award etc.129,812$48.13$1,347.50$6,247,202.50
2nd March 2020L - Loews Corp.322Open or private sale0$47.47$15,285.34$0.00
2nd March 2020L - Loews Corp.1,178Sale back to the issuer322$47.44$55,884.32$15,275.68
2nd March 2020L - Loews Corp.1,500Exercise of derivative1,500$37.26$55,890.00$55,890.00
21st May 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.3,731Grant/award etc.133,543$0.00
1st June 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.35Grant/award etc.133,578$39.25$1,373.57$5,242,268.61
1st June 2020L - Loews Corp.12Open or private sale0$33.37$400.44$0.00
1st June 2020L - Loews Corp.1,488Sale back to the issuer12$33.37$49,654.56$400.44
1st June 2020L - Loews Corp.1,500Exercise of derivative1,500$33.12$49,680.00$49,680.00
1st September 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.40Grant/award etc.133,618$45.55$1,821.80$6,085,631.81