Richard H Glanton

GEO 3,990 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Richard H Glanton is at least $84,799.47. Richard H Glanton owns over 3,990 units of The GEO Group, Inc. stock worth over $84,799.47.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st March 2019GEO - The GEO Group, Inc.4,000Grant/award etc.14,124$0.00
7th March 2019GEO - The GEO Group, Inc.1,000Open or private sale3,990$21.25$21,253.00$84,799.47
18th March 2019MG - MISTRAS Group, Inc.2,894Grant/award etc.22,408$0.00
17th May 2019GEO - The GEO Group, Inc.2,400Open or private sale3,840$21.39$51,343.20$82,149.12
9th August 2019GEO - The GEO Group, Inc.1,663Open or private sale2,177$17.71$29,455.06$38,559.02
12th August 2019MG - MISTRAS Group, Inc.2,432Grant/award etc.24,840$0.00
1st March 2020GEO - The GEO Group, Inc.5,900Grant/award etc.15,086$0.00
8th June 2020GEO - The GEO Group, Inc.2,100Open or private sale5,015$14.65$30,767.10$73,474.77
30th March 2020MG - MISTRAS Group, Inc.2,512Grant/award etc.27,352$0.00
10th August 2020GEO - The GEO Group, Inc.2,838Open or private sale2,177$10.88$30,863.25$23,674.88
25th August 2020MG - MISTRAS Group, Inc.8,753Grant/award etc.36,105$0.00