Ajay Mehra, Executve Vice President

OSIS 58,227 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Ajay Mehra is at least $4,495,706.67. Ajay Mehra owns over 58,227 units of OSI Systems, Inc. stock worth over $4,495,706.67.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
25th September 2020OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.3,010Payment by withholding58,227$77.21$232,402.10$4,495,706.67
21st September 2020OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.1,750Payment by withholding61,237$80.19$140,332.50$4,910,595.03
31st December 2018OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.160Grant/award etc.142,182$62.31$9,969.60$8,859,360.42
4th February 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.27,908Open or private sale129,274$86.83$2,423,251.64$11,224,861.42
4th February 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.15,000Exercise of derivative157,182$16.37$245,550.00$2,573,069.34
2nd May 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.30,000Open or private sale129,274$100.77$3,023,100.00$13,026,940.98
2nd May 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.30,000Exercise of derivative159,274$33.62$1,008,600.00$5,354,791.88
1st July 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.173Grant/award etc.129,447$61.12$10,573.76$7,911,800.64
19th August 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.2,120Payment by withholding127,327$104.07$220,628.40$13,250,920.89
26th August 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.2,668Open or private sale124,659$99.98$266,758.91$12,463,980.25
5th September 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.10,701Open or private sale113,958$106.52$1,139,912.25$12,139,250.60
9th September 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.4,414Grant/award etc.118,372$0.00
19th September 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.1,750Payment by withholding117,803$104.92$183,610.00$12,359,890.76
18th September 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.5,669Payment by withholding119,553$104.90$594,678.10$12,541,109.70
18th September 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.11,431Grant/award etc.125,222$0.00
18th September 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.4,581Payment by withholding113,791$104.90$480,546.90$11,936,675.90
25th September 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.3,011Payment by withholding114,792$105.30$317,058.30$12,087,597.60
14th November 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.1,779Open or private sale97,754$96.73$172,091.39$9,456,223.41
12th November 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.45,259Open or private sale99,533$96.06$4,347,443.76$9,560,841.38
12th November 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.30,000Exercise of derivative144,792$33.62$1,008,600.00$4,867,907.04
31st December 2019OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.173Grant/award etc.97,927$61.12$10,573.76$5,985,298.24
6th February 2020OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.23,107Open or private sale22,065$89.98$2,079,142.44$1,985,384.43
30th June 2020OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.173Grant/award etc.52,928$61.12$10,573.76$3,234,959.36
8th July 2020OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.6,807Grant/award etc.59,735$0.00
24th August 2020OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.3,625Payment by withholding62,987$75.01$271,911.25$4,724,654.87
24th August 2020OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.9,259Grant/award etc.66,612$0.00
24th August 2020OSIS - OSI Systems, Inc.2,382Payment by withholding57,363$75.01$178,673.82$4,302,798.63