Michael T Putziger

EBTC 173,461.044 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michael T Putziger is at least $4,955,782.03. Michael T Putziger owns over 173,461.044 units of Enterprise Bancorp, Inc. stock worth over $4,955,782.03.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
19th March 2019EBTC - Enterprise Bancorp, Inc.523Grant/award etc.172,512.439$0.00
3rd June 2019EBTC - Enterprise Bancorp, Inc.203Open or private purchase173,461.044$28.57$5,799.71$4,955,782.03
3rd September 2019EBTC - Enterprise Bancorp, Inc.196Open or private purchase174,417.389$29.84$5,847.66$5,203,742.81
2nd December 2019EBTC - Enterprise Bancorp, Inc.186Open or private purchase175,291.166$31.69$5,894.34$5,554,977.03
22nd January 2020EBTC - Enterprise Bancorp, Inc.1,356Grant/award etc.176,647.166$30.35$41,154.60$5,361,241.47
3rd March 2020EBTC - Enterprise Bancorp, Inc.235Open or private purchase177,736.765$27.50$6,462.50$4,887,761.05
17th March 2020EBTC - Enterprise Bancorp, Inc.553Grant/award etc.178,289.765$0.00
1st June 2020EBTC - Enterprise Bancorp, Inc.278Open or private purchase179,593.356$24.25$6,741.50$4,355,138.88
1st September 2020EBTC - Enterprise Bancorp, Inc.299Open or private purchase181,023.605$22.24$6,649.76$4,025,964.97